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Health Systems Providers | CHCM

Healthcare Consultants

Creative Health Care Management healthcare consultants addresses the culture and bottomline of your hospital system. To improve organizational performance we apply our 40 years of

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Mental Health Support | CHCM

Mental Health in Nursing

Mental Health Issues for Nurses Mental health issues ranging from burnout, depression, and anxiety are effecting nurses at an unprecedented rate. As the COVID-19 pandemic

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American Nurses Association And The Nursing Practice | CHCM

Nurse Well-Being

Nursing Professionals and the Healthcare Workforce The nursing profession is a challenging and rewarding profession. Nurses are the backbone of healthcare, providing direct critical care

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Nurse Burnout Nurses And How To Address Nurse Burnout With Patient Satisfaction Combat Nurse Burnout | CHCM

Nurse Burnout

What is Nursing Burnout? Nursing burnout is a condition of mental and physical exhaustion that can affect nurses caused by stressful working environments, working long

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Moral Distress And Ethical Advice In Morally Distressing Situations | CHCM

Moral Distress

What is Moral Distress? Moral distress is a feeling of moral conflict when an individual is faced with a dilemma in making a decision or

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Nurse Facts | CHCM

Nurse Facts

The Nursing Profession The nursing profession has been around since the beginning of time. Nurses make up a large number of hospital staff in public

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Nurse Well Being For Public Health Promotion And Employee Wellness | CHCM

Wellness for Nurses

Challenges of the Nursing Profession Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. They are the first line of defense for patients and their families.

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International Council for Nurses | CHCM

National Nurses Week 2022

What is National Nurses Week? Nurses week is a nursing recognition event for previous or existing nursing workforce staff. The ANA initiated “National RN Recognition

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