Our team of consultants.

CHCM partners with health care organizations to improve quality, safety, patient experience, staff and physician satisfaction, and financial performance.

Our experts have broad clinical and administrative expertise and a deep commitment to improving health care. They inspire, coach, and help organizations excel.

Meet Our Consultants

  • Mary Koloroutis

    MSN, RN, CEO

    Mary has spent more than four decades advancing relationship-based cultures in health care organizations. She partners with clients to identify and maximize the strengths and capacities of teams and whole systems. The results speak for themselves: measurable improvement including widespread alignment with core values and principles.

  • Jayne Felgen

    MPA, RN, President Emeritus

    Jayne partners with leaders to help their organizations flourish. She takes great joy in seeing her clients awaken to and accept ownership for achieving their dreams for their organization, and she delights in assisting them in designing an infrastructure to achieve sustainable success.

  • Kary Gillenwaters

    MA, OTR/L (Consultant Partner)

    Kary is a facilitator of the See Me as a Person and Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring workshops. Her first career as an addiction counselor was foundational to her view that understanding how people make meaning during health challenges is essential when partnering with them to create effective care plans.

  • Gen Guanci

    MEd, RN-BC, CCRN-K

    Gen is driven by the desire to help clients create organizational excellence through measurable improvement. She thrives on helping others reach meaningful goals, including Magnet® designation. She shares her knowledge and passion for excellence in her book, Feel the Pull: Creating a Culture of Nursing Excellence.

  • Traci Hanlon

    MN, RN (Consultant Partner)

    Traci is passionate about the role of mindfulness, positive psychology, wellbeing, and resiliency in clinician professional development. Much of her work focuses on assessing and exploring real world problems related to leadership development, transition to practice, and healthy work environment, especially as they relate to engagement, retention, and patient experience outcomes.

  • Kristen Lombard

    PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC (Consultant Partner)

    Kristen excels at guiding individuals and organizations toward authentic, positive leadership. She makes sense of complexity science and caring science and applies them to real world priorities such as quality, safety, and the patient experience. Kristen is an energetic and effective collaborator committed to developing agile, insightful leaders and teams.

  • Brett Long

    MHA (Consultant Partner)

    Brett is a gifted leader with expertise in developing engaged, emotionally intelligent leaders who improve their own, their team’s, and their organizations’ performance. He believes thriving people are foundational to thriving organizations. He partners with clients to develop strategies to align structures, processes, and people to balance what he calls “the head and heart” of health care.

  • Marie Manthey

    PhD (hon), MNA, FAAN, FRCN, President Emeritus

    The founder and president emeritus of CHCM, Marie has long been able to bridge the world of ideas and the real world of patient care in health care workplaces. For Marie, the key to good patient care boils down to doing what supports the patient-clinician relationship and minimizing what hurts it.

  • Corey Martin

    MD (Consultant Partner)

    Corey is a Yale-educated family physician, recovering perfectionist, and an aspiring “good enoughist.” He is a founder of the Bounce Back Project and lead physician in Allina Health’s system-wide response to clinician burnout. He was inspired to get involved in addressing clinician burnout when he tragically lost two colleagues.

  • Marky Medeiros


    Marky has expertise in aligning people and processes, identifying emerging issues, and assessing the effectiveness of organizational interventions. The result: enduring measurable improvement. Marky uses her deep health care experience along with evidence-based practices to co-create a customized improvement plan with clients. She has extensive experience with successful Magnet® designation and redesignation.

  • Catherine L. Perrizo


    Catherine’s mission is to support organizations to improve patients’ and families’ experiences. As well as being CHCM’s contracting officer for human resources and finance, her current role includes compiling and reporting outcomes research for CHCM’s Relationship-Based Care service line and facilitation for the Role Clarity and Work Alignment service line.

  • Pam Schaid

    MA, RN, PHN, CPPM (Consultant Partner)

    Pam’s entire health care career has been guided by the question, “What is the best we can do for the patient and family?” With extensive experience as a clinician and executive leader, Pam knows how to help unlock the potential in individuals and teams. She works alongside clients to develop customized strategies and implement complex, often large-scale improvement initiatives.

  • Michael Trout

    MA, Psychologist (Consultant Partner)

    Michael is president of The Infant-Parent Institute, a clinical practice, consultation, and training facility dedicated to understanding the relationship between early social experiences and how our lives form. He has decades of clinical psychology experience in the specialty of infant mental health, in which his role has been to help parents connect with their babies.

  • Kathleen Van Wagoner

    MSN, RN, MSA (Consultant Partner)

    Kathleen is an accomplished mentor and developer of people, programs, and culture. As a highly successful former nurse executive in clinical administration, program design, and project management, she is skilled in all aspects of care provision. She brings to her consulting work an in-depth knowledge of clinical operations, academics, research, and health care finance.

  • Donna Wright

    MS, RN, NPD-BC

    Donna is a sought-after team and leadership development consultant and speaker known for her irreverent wit and astute pragmatism. She is extremely savvy and has a global perspective—literally. She’s worked on every continent but Antarctica, and she has her eyes set on that, too (“There’s an infirmary there!” she says).

  • Cheryl Persigehl

    MBA, Executive Coach (Consultant Partner)

    With over 20 years of experience working with health care executives, leaders and teams, Cheryl’s incisive observations and her deep understanding of personal challenges and organizational barriers have made her a sought-after facilitator and executive coach.