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See Me as a Person

Strengthen every relationship.

The 2-day workshop, See Me as a Person: Four Practices to Improve Quality, Safety and the Patient Experience helps your health care team more consistently create therapeutic connections with patients and their families. Participants gain the personal awareness, professional knowledge, and practical and repeatable skills required to see each patient as a person with his or her own unique story and response to the need for care. An electronic relational competency assessment tool developed, in partnership with data management company OnSomble, can help organizations measure progress and assess where further development is needed.

See Me as a Person is for all clinicians—physicians, nurses, clinical specialists, social workers, pastoral care professionals, etc. Teams are strongly encouraged to attend together in order to optimize integration and application of relational competence.

License See Me as a Person to improve quality, safety, and the patient experience through the optimization of every relationship.

See Me as a Person

Stronger Relationships Stronger Outcomes

It’s easy to see how stronger relationships improve HCAHPS. Relational excellence also fosters an increase in high quality connections and team efficacy, while simultaneously buffering against stress, burnout, fatigue, and depression.

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Our innovative web-based relational competence assessment evaluates perceptions of key behaviors for positive relationships of individuals with their co-workers, patients, and families. Schedule an online demo.