Creative Health Care Management’s ground-breaking See Me as a Person program is one of the fastest, least expensive, most sustainable interventions for improving the patient experience.


See Me as a Person is the only staff development solution in the industry that addresses the patient experience by teaching physicians and clinicians and service people in all disciplines the four practices that ensure that patients and their families will feel safe, seen, and held in every encounter every time.

We know that patient satisfaction happens (or fails to happen) in the one-to-one encounters experienced by patients and their families. It may seem that when the clinician-patient relationship falls short, it’s due to higher acuity or chaotic work environments. But the truth is that when clinician-patient relationships fall short, it is because of a failure to make an authentic human connection with patients and families. In our best moments, these connections seem to happen automatically. When our work is pulling us in multiple directions, these connections will only be made if clinicians learn, understand, practice, and reflect on the four distinct practices proven to make these connections happen.

The purpose of the therapeutic relationship is to alleviate suffering and to help people heal.


Creative Health Care Management believes that the shortest, least expensive route a health care organization can take to improve patient satisfaction scores is through addressing the one thing that actually improves the patient experience: high-quality therapeutic relationships.

What People are Saying about See Me as a Person

“Koloroutis and Trout have put the “how” to empathy. This is a breakthrough for me. I can now see how to teach it to those who struggle with empathetic connections.” (Physician)

“See Me as a Person is one of the best and most underutilized methods of lifting up how to connect therapeutically while also fostering relationships and a culture of open discussion and reflection with peers. It’s foundational, essential and inspirational- can’t wait to see this program become more widespread!!” (Occupational Therapist) 

“This is how I have practiced as a clinician, but as a new leader it is a great reminder to use these therapeutic skills with my team as well.” (Physical Therapist)

“Great wake-up call and call to action to reignite the passion to create meaningful human connections that can assist the physical and emotional healing of our patients.” (Pharmacist)

“Amazing reminder to stay present, as we always need to be.” (Physician)

“Thank you for focusing on human connection and not the scores and scripting.” (Nurse leader)

“This workshop needs to be mandatory! I can tell the differences in nurses who have taken the workshop and those who have not.” (Nurse)

“I feel closer to everyone here. I learned from everyone, and I feel better prepared to communicate with my patients.” (Nurse) 


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