Webinar Library

Wellbeing and 3 Key Relationships

System Level Approach to a Journey to Excellence

Reducing Chaos in Times of Change

A Conversation with Marie Manthey and Mary Koloroutis on Professional Nursing Practice

Creating a Culturally Responsive Organization: Belonging, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Pathway to Excellence Survey Says...

Moving Your PPM from Paper to Practice

The Impact of the Pandemic on Leaders: A Pathway to Healing and Self-care

Essentials of Excellence: A Conversation with Gen and Marky

The Importance of Staff Well-being: Personally and Professionally

Shared Governance Makes a Difference

Shared Governance Success Tips for Leaders

3 Keys to Everyday Resilience

10 Best Practices for Success in Shared Governance

The Evidence of Excellence

Shared Governance: Interprofessional Collaboration Enhance Point of Care Decisions

Journey Goal Setting

Getting to What Matters: Empirical Outcomes

The Importance of Staff Well-being: Personally and Professionally

Fostering Innovation in Nursing

Nurses are at the forefront of today’s rapidly evolving, complex care environment and are uniquely positioned to influence change and drive transformation.

2023 Magnet Program Application Overview: Out with the Old; In with the New

This webinar compares and contrasts the 2019 and the 2023 ANCC Magnet Application Manuals.

Whats Love Got to do With it? Preparing the Next Generation of Nurses

Learn how Lawrence Technological University has used Relationship-Based Care™ (RBC) as a curricular thread in the development of a new nursing program.

Introduction to the Magnet Program Director MPD Core Competencies

There’s so much more to becoming an MPD than reading a manual and writing a document. Like any other position, competencies are essential in becoming proficient in an MPD role.

Creating a Roadmap for your Magnet® Journey

After watching this webinar you will be able to List the travel stops on a Magnet® journey, Discuss the “not to be missed attractions” at each travel stop and Develop a roadmap for your Magnet journey.

Writing Tips for Publication or Designation

Writing tips for sharing your work and your organization’s story. In this webinar Marky Medeiros will discuss tips to get published in organizational newsletters and journals as well as writing strategies for accreditations and designations.

Leading Transformational Change

A culture of excellence is not built with a check list or by simply trying to replicate the success of other organizations.

Where Do I Start as a New Magnet Program Director? 10 Steps to Get Started

Join Marky Medeiros, previous Magnet® Program Director (MPD), through multiple successful Magnet® Journeys, as she outlines steps to take to get started as a new MPD.

How Relationship-Based Care® Supports your Magnet® Journey

Join Creative Health Care Management CEO, Gen Guanci, as she discusses the role and synergy that Relationship-Based Care brings to an organization’s quest for Magnet® designation.

Connecting Staff to the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

An organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals establish purpose, provide direction, and motivate and inspire others around common goals and objectives.

Loving Leaders Advance Relationship-Based Cultures

The work of human caring is a work of courage, and never has such courage been more visible than in this time of the pandemic. Such courage is validated and supported through leaders who lead with love and compassion.

Shared Decision-Making: The Foundation for Pathway to Excellence

Join Gen Guanci, CHCM CEO, as she shares the business case for shared decision-making as the foundational element of performance for a successful Pathway to Excellence journey.

Engaging Staff Teams on your Journey to Excellence

A journey to excellence is no small feat. Whether you are on a Pathway to Excellence® Journey, Magnet® Journey, Beacon journey, PTAP® journey or in a continuous process of improving practice and the practice environment, the key is engaging staff early in the process.