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Organizations that have partnered with CHCM for comprehensive Magnet® journey support have a 100% success rate.

If you are on a Magnet® or Pathway to Excellence® journey, your #1 predictor of success is an experienced guide. We have lived experience as successful Magnet® Program Directors and key stakeholders who know exactly what it takes to become the type of organization the ANCC is proud to recognize. We’re experts in the inner workings of this complex, multiyear journey, and provide comprehensive support for organizations on Magnet®, Pathways to Excellence®, and other award or designation journeys.

The services you may need include:

  • General and/or focused education for a variety of stakeholders
  • Coaching and mentoring of the journey leader
  • Readiness assessment or redesignation vulnerabilities assessment
  • Structure and process development
  • Data management
  • Document support, review and feedback
  • Electronic document submission development
  • Site visit preparation
  • Year-after support and redesignation support

Improve your chances for successful Magnet® or Pathway to Excellence® designation. Call us today, and remember, you do not have to be using Relationship-Based Care to benefit from our consultative support.

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Professional Portfolio Data Vault

Make reporting your demographic data and professional activities more effective, efficient, and streamlined.

Cultures of Excellence

Webinars & Events

Knowledge is power. CHCM webinars cover topics as diverse as shared governance, mindful leadership, and patient experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to bring into your daily practice along with inspiration. Our live events engage, ground, renew, and educate people in every health care setting.

The majority of CHCM clients who submitted Magnet documents in 2017 had their documents accepted as written and went straight to site visit!


The most valuable thing is Creative Health Care Management’s expansive knowledge and connections. They have the latest and greatest intel about what other hospitals are doing.


_Margaux Chan
Magnet® Program Manager
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles