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Relationship-Based Care®

Culture is everything.

Relationship-Based Care® (RBC) is an operational blueprint for improving safety, quality, the patient experience, employee engagement, and financial performance. RBC advances the culture of health care organizations by focusing on three key relationships: relationship with self, with colleagues, and with patients/families. Structures, processes, and relationships are designed to support every team member’s ability to provide attuned, compassionate, high quality care.

In an RBC culture, teams are reconnected with the purpose and meaning of their work and take ownership for providing the best possible care and service. All members of the organization are valued for their contributions and supported in continuous learning and reaching their full potential.

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Relationship-Based Care®

The Language of Our Cultural Narratives

The language that pervades an organization cannot help but shape its culture. But just how careful are we in how we talk about our work? We invite you to reflect on the language that is pervasive in your work environment.

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Knowledge is power. CHCM webinars cover topics as diverse as shared governance, mindful leadership, and patient experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to bring into your daily practice along with inspiration. Our live events engage, ground, renew, and educate people in every health care setting.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker