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We help our clients advance cultures in which everyone is empowered to thrive. Teams, patients, families, communities.

When people are given the tools and empowerment to take excellent care of themselves, each other, and the patients and families in their care, the overall performance of the organization improves. It boils down to “people taking care of people.” Where care is taken to help people thrive, organizations thrive as well.

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    Increase ROI

    Experience the significant cost savings resulting from lower nurse turnover and higher patient satisfaction scores.

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    Increase patient satisfaction

    Improve relationships, refine structures and processes. Improved care across settings means healthier people, happier families, and greater community wellbeing.

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    Increase employee engagement

    Rediscover meaning, purpose, connection, and a greater sense of optimism. Bind your team together with a meaningful shared vision.

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    Improve quality

    Quality and relational competence are inexorably linked. Improve relationships to improve adherence to treatment plans, patient satisfaction, and overall health outcomes.

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    Get a competitive edge

    Increase efficiency, grow market share, and differentiate yourself in the competitive health care landscape.

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Turning Crisis into Opportunity

Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring drives culture transformation by helping staff at all levels regain trust and reconnect to their purpose.

Billings Clinic

The forward thinking team in the Ambulatory Telemetry/Step Down Unit at the world renowned Billings Clinic decreased patient falls by 68% through redefining their competency strategy. This group boldly stepped out of old patterns of spending lots of time and energy on modules, mandated education, and other monstrous competency processes to really uncover the strategies that would truly impact outcomes—strategies grounded in the Wright Competency Model tenets of ownership, empowerment, and accountability.


You can reduce the time and cost to achieve your goals with a laser focus on key elements of your journey. Guidance on what and how to direct your attention can accelerate your journey. This organization benefited by partnering with a Culture of Excellence expert who quickly builds a partnership relationship and enhances the creation of high-impact interventions.

Mohawk Valley Health System

Mohawk Valley Health System in Utica, NY (formerly Faxton St. Luke’s Health Care), located in Utica, NY, has been on the Relationship-Based Care (RBC) journey since 2005 following the consolidation of Faxton Hospital and St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital into Faxton-St. Luke’s (FSLH). FSLH partnered with Creative Health Care Management to build and sustain this model of patient care which has helped FSLH become a health care organization that provides a positive, caring and healing experience for the patient and their family. Patient safety was dramatically improved as evidenced by reduced harm rate by year four of RBC implementation.

After contracting with CHCM, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center achieved these outcomes in one year:

  • 5 of 9 HCAHPS Composites are in the 90th percentile ranking of CMS data base, saving an estimated $251,636.00 for Value Based Purchasing reimbursement.
  • Nurse turnover dropped from 21.5% to 13.5%, saving the organization approximately $1.64 million.
  • Agency staffing costs dropped from $4.65M a year to $0.