Cultural Transformation

We work with the executive team, middle management, and front-line staff councils to design processes and systems that resonate within each level of the organization resulting in an organization-wide focus on safety, quality, caring relationships, and improving the patient experience.

Relationship-Based Care

If you want to move beyond the current chaos of health care into a culture of alignment, focus, and organization-wide engagement, Relationship-Based Care is your solution. For more information about RBC, click here. To learn more about the Relationship-Based Care Leader Practicum, click here.

Cultures of Excellence/Magnet® Readiness

This comprehensive program is designed for organizations applying for formal award designations such as ANCC Magnet Recognition®, Pathway to Excellence®, Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Award, AACN Beacon Award®, or who are simply pursuing their own unique culture of excellence. One hundred percent of the organizations we’ve worked with to prepare for Magnet Recognition® or redesignation have been successful. Learn more.

Competency Assessment

Many organizations have made this process more cumbersome and time consuming than it needs to be, and in the process, they’ve missed an opportunity for competency assessment to be highly developmental and truly inspiring. Learn more.

Engaging Talented People in Providing Extraordinary Patient Care

No organization can afford to invest in solutions that are only skin-deep. Cultural change is sustainable when it is deeply embedded in all of the individuals involved. Organizations all over the world are devoted to CHCM’s cornerstone staff engagement programs, See Me as a Person, Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring, and Leading an Empowered Organization. They have seen firsthand that organizations built on the deep commitment and engagement of talented people achieve excellence and sustain results.

See Me as a Person

Workshop participants will deepen their knowledge and understanding of how to initiate and maintain therapeutic relationships within the context of a highly technical, fast-paced, time-constrained, and frequently chaotic health care environment. Learn more. For details about the See Me as a Person workshop, click here.

Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring (RSC)

Reigniting the Spirit of Caring helps participants transform their work environments into cultures in which personal responsibility prevails, healthy relationships thrive, appreciation is openly expressed, and caring and healing are the constant and core reasons for existence. Learn more.

Leadership Development

Effective leadership is the key to successful organizations at every level, from individual departments to entire systems. In today’s challenging health care environments, the need to develop leaders has never been greater. Learn more.

Creating Infrastructures to Support Extraordinary Patient Care

Base your care delivery design on the systems, principles, and practices that have proven to create a safe haven for patients and families while maximizing quality and safety. As pioneers in Primary Nursing, we are ideally suited to help your organization design a care delivery system that is as rewarding for clinicians as it is reassuring for patients and families. Patients experience extraordinary care when their professional caregivers create compassionate, therapeutic relationships with them and their loved ones.

Care Delivery System Design (including Primary Nursing)

The core of Relationship-Based Care is implementing a care delivery system that supports knowing the patient as a person, great collaboration among clinicians, and smooth transitions among caregivers. Learn more. For details about the Primary Nursing One-Day Intensive workshop, click here.

Role Clarity and Work Alignment (RCWA)

Would you like to maximizes efficiency, cut costs, and improve the patient experience all at the same time? RCWA is a dynamic process is used to determine the intricacies of work activities of all nursing care providers for a specific population of patients and to identify the complexity of the interventions routinely performed. Learn more. 

Relationship-Based Precepting

One of the keys to organization-wide nursing excellence is a well-structured precepting program. A successful preceptor program hinges on utilizing and implementing best practices in program development and organizational change theory. Relationship-Based Precepting is a comprehensive program, based on the science of caring, which expands the preceptor role to embrace and execute critical elements of leadership at the point of care. Learn more.

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