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Infusing Meetings with Positive Energy

by Susan Wessel, Creative Health Care Managment People in organizations often accomplish their goals through meetings. Meetings help us gain differing perspectives and come to a cohesive plan. Those meetings…


Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures Executive Book Summary

If you haven’t had time to read the 2018 ACHE James A. Hamilton Book of the Year winner, Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures yet, I have attached an Executive Summary for your convenience. The book is a more comprehensive “how to,” for creating and nurturing healthy relationships in health care, but the summary is a quick read that provides key take-aways and valuable tips.

Creative Nursing – TOC Vol 25 #1

Creative Nursing: A Journal of Values, Issues, Experience, and Collaboration, has been a voice for nursing thought leaders and innovators since 1981. The focus of this issue is, Cornerstones of Healing: Finding Meaning. Sponsored by Creative Health Care Management and published by Springer Publishing Company, Creative Nursing is a themed peer-reviewed quarterly professional journal that welcomes submissions.

Relationship-Based Precepting Program Development

Relationship-Based Precepting (RBP) is a conceptual framework that guides the day-to-day practice of precepting and the development and implementation of a comprehensive structured preceptor program.The RBP framework integrates four core elements that must be addressed in the day-to-day application of precepting. These elements are: supervision, socialization, professional practice, and resiliency.