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Infusing Meetings with Positive Energy

by Susan Wessel, Creative Health Care Management People in organizations often accomplish their goals through meetings. Meetings help us gain differing perspectives and come to a cohesive plan. Those meetings…


Creative Nursing – TOC Vol 25 #3

Creative Nursing: A Journal of Values, Issues, Experience, and Collaboration, has been a voice for nursing thought leaders and innovators since 1981. The focus of this issue is,  Professional Practice in a Changing World: The Changing Climate.

Build Positivity in your Organization

Positivity has been linked to nearly endless health benefits, increased productivity, and less stress. Here are three simple ways to incorporate a practice of positivity into your workplace. Your organization’s culture will improve, and everyone’s day will be a little better. Build Positivity Printable

Insights Newsletter July 2019

The July Insights newsletter shares ways to build positivity in your team, and gets you thinking about how your hiring process reflects the values, beliefs, and behaviors of your organization. Enjoy! Read it here.