Roberta Cassidy, PhD, RN, FNTP, AHN-BC | CHCM

Roberta Cassidy

Roberta brings over 35 years of extensive leadership experience in acute care hospital settings to her role. Her clinical background is in mental health nursing. Additional specialty areas include nursing leadership, professional practice, education, informatics and employee Wellbeing.
Roberta is also certified as a Holistic Nurse and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Nature and Forest Therapy guide. Roberta’s true passion and path in life is in service to the journey of personal, professional, and organizational Wellbeing and its role in employee satisfaction and the provision of care. Devoted to substantive, sustained change, she seeks to inspire healing within to transform ourselves and our communities in service to the greater good. Roberta spends her free time outdoors in nature hiking, kayaking and cycling. She lives in Minneapolis with her son and 2 dogs.
Bring Roberta’s insight and expertise to your organization and you will benefit from her vision, mentoring, and careful approach to lasting improvement.