Van Wagoner Kathleen | CHCM

Kathleen Van Wagoner

MSN, RN, MSA (Consultant Partner)
Kathleen is an accomplished mentor and developer of people, programs, and culture. As a highly successful former nurse executive in clinical administration, program design, and project management, she is skilled in all aspects of care provision. She brings to her consulting work an in-depth knowledge of clinical operations, academics, research, and health care finance. She is dedicated to establishing high quality, caring relationships between health care providers and the patients and families in their care.
Kathleen is a Johnson & Johnson Wharton Nurse Executive who has published and presented extensively on the Relationship-Based Care journey she had the honor of leading as the Nurse Executive of a large Midwestern hospital.
Engage with Kathleen to measurably advance your organizational culture with cutting edge caring science, evidence-based practices, and proven methodologies.