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Compassionate Leadership: Donna Wright and Marcus Engle

In August of this year, an inspiring episode of the “Compassion and Courage” podcast, hosted Donna Wright from Creative Health Care Management as a guest. This post is an overview of what they discussed.

Marcus Engel in his special and very nurturing human way offered a welcoming comfort zone to discuss and focus on the understanding of human connection and compassionate leadership with guest Donna Wright, a seasoned nurse and adventurous spirit who is a consultant with Creative Health Care Management. The exchange between them unfolds not just as an interview but as a testament to the profound impact of support and encouragement compassionate leaders can offer to global organizations and each other.

Inspiring Dialogue on Compassionate Leadership and Courage

Sharing empathy for healthcare and beyond, the genuine connections we create, and the adventures that shape our narratives were the themes beautifully interwoven in the “Compassion and Courage” podcast, where host and compassionate leader Marcus Engel invited Donna Wright, to share her insights and experiences.

Support and Lifelong Passions

Donna Wright, through the warmth of her voice and leadership wisdom was able to demonstrate compassion and how to become a more compassionate leader within personal lives and in employee engagement within the healthcare support systems.

With Marcus expressing his appreciation for Donna’s self-compassion and uplifting presence, she reciprocated, emphasizing the mutual encouragement that forms the cornerstone of their relationship. This exchange set the tone for a conversation that transcended the usual podcast banter, becoming a profound exploration of how wise compassion, kindness and support can empower us.

As they continued their conversation Donna, whose life is intricately tied to the art of caregiving, reflected on her innate and compassionate calling. For her, being a nurse wasn’t just a career choice—it was a destiny, a passion intertwined with the very fabric of her being. She mused on the hypothetical scenario of an alternative career path or a retirement plan that might deviate from her current trajectory. Yet, even during their conversation, her unwavering commitment to teach compassionate leaders stood out as part of her core, mental health, and well being.

Donna humbly shares she does not have all the answers but training and encouraging on the “why is” compassionate leadership important is her vocation. Showing compassion and learning how to embrace change is a testament to the idea that during challenges, times of hard decisions, even political unrest – a person will disappoint people and have the ability to fix things and some life choices are risk taking and reflections of our true selves.

A Globetrotter at Heart: Embracing Cultural Richness

The conversation then soared into Donna’s love for travel and culture, revealing her to be a citizen of the world and global leadership in the truest sense. With experiences spanning six continents, she recounted with palpable excitement her upcoming journeys to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Africa. These travels are not merely getaways but pivotal experiences to lead and work with compassionate leaders that challenge and stretch her cultural perceptions. Donna’s narrative served as a poignant reminder, especially significant in the wake of the global pandemic, that compassionate leadership helps the deep-seated human need for exploration and the joy that lies in broadening one’s horizons.

Her anticipation of cultural immersions and her commitment to learning from diverse compassionate leaders, teams and communities speak volumes about her belief in the power of shared experiences to dissolve barriers. It’s a principle she exudes in her body language but also practices with an almost missionary zeal, taking her from the remote corners of Oklahoma to the varied social landscapes of Central Florida.

Choosing Adventures and Imaginary Realms

When Marcus introduced a more whimsical note by asking Donna to choose a fictional character’s life she’d like to experience for a day, the conversation took an enchanting turn. Donna’s love for storytelling came to light as she mentioned her fascination with “The Lord of the Rings” and her aspirations to visit the majestic landscapes of New Zealand where the saga was brought to life. Her enthusiasm didn’t stop at Middle-earth. As a self-proclaimed “Star Child” and “Trekkie,” Donna harbored dreams of celestial adventures—signing up for the first clinic on Mars was not off the table for her. This interstellar ambition reflects Donna’s belief in boundless possibilities and her yearning to be a part of something larger than life.

Literary Inspirations and Sociological Insights

Discussing books that touched Donna’s soul, she praised “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Jared Diamond—a tome that unravels the mysteries of civilization and societal development. This sociological masterpiece, according to Donna, sheds light on why the world is stratified the way it is, and how geography and resources have shaped human history. It’s a work that speaks to her analytical mind and satisfies her deep curiosity and concerns about human nature.

Equally impactful in her life are the writings of Brené Brown, whose explorations of vulnerability and strength resonate deeply with Donna’s own journey. Brown’s work underscores the value of embracing one’s true self and psychological safety, a theme that echoes throughout Donna’s narrative.

A Message for Humanity: The Universal Billboard

As their conversation approached its end, Marcus prompted Donna to imagine her message to the world, given the chance to display it on a hypothetical billboard on the world’s tallest mountain. Her response was simple yet profound: “Just reach out and comfort each other; we’re better together.” This succinct message encapsulates Donna’s philosophy and the essence of her dialogue with Marcus—our time on this planet is finite, and we should use it to foster unity and kinship.

Reflections and the Path Forward

Mutual gratitude and respect between Marcus and Donna was palpable. Their conversation had not merely been an interview but a shared journey that underscored the podcast’s title, “Compassion and Courage.” It highlighted how powerful compassion, transformative and empathetic skills, and communication can be.

Conclusion: The Shared Journey of Compassion and Courage

As the episode concludes, Marcus expresses heartfelt gratitude for Donna’s presence and influence in his life and the lessons gleaned from their shared journey. The camaraderie between the two is a fitting embodiment of the podcast’s title, “Compassion and Courage.”

Listeners are left with a sense of warmth and inspiration, a reminder of the countless possibilities that life offers when we open ourselves to new experiences, nurture our connections, and embark on adventures that feed our souls.

Host Marcus Engle

To hear the podcast directly visit Marcus Engle’s Podcast

To watch on YouTube visit Marcus Engle Channel

Marcus Engel is a figure of resilience and inspiration in the healthcare community, where he has made significant contributions through his personal journey and professional endeavors. After surviving a life-altering accident caused by a drunk driver that left him blind and necessitated over 350 hours of facial reconstruction, Marcus experienced the spectrum of patient care firsthand. His journey through rehabilitation and life adaptation not only fueled his passion for improving patient experiences but also gave him a unique perspective that he integrates into his work. With a background in sociology and a Master’s in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, Marcus has gone on to publish four books that have become essential resources for healthcare education, teaching the intricacies of compassionate patient care.

Recognized for his expertise, innovation and impact on the field, Marcus holds several prestigious certifications and honors. He is a Certified Patient Experience Professional, a testament to his dedication and skill in advocating for patient-centered care. Additionally, Marcus is a distinguished Certified Speaking Professional, a title held by a select group of professional speakers worldwide. His contributions were acknowledged with an honorary doctorate from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2017. Marcus’s life outside of his professional work is grounded in Orlando, Florida, where he enjoys life with his wife, Marvelyne, and his trusted Seeing Eye dog, James.

Compassionate Leadership and Creative Health Care Management “CHCM”

Research shows helping each team member become a compassionate leader will enhance performance and improve personal well being. Working with leaders within healthcare organizations to overcome challenges is what CHCM has been doing for years.

Donna Wright is a compassionate leader and author who is known for her book “The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Health Care. She is a consultant that travels the world to help others. If you feel like your organization or a potential project is something you would like to work with CHCM or Donna, please reach out.


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