Koloroutis Mary | CHCM

Mary Koloroutis


Mary has spent more than four decades advancing relationship-based cultures in health care organizations. She partners with clients to identify and maximize the strengths and capacities of teams and whole systems. The results speak for themselves: measurable improvement including widespread alignment with core values and principles.
Mary has been instrumental in the creation of numerous highly successful programs, including Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring, adopted by leading health care systems worldwide. She is a co-creator, author, and editor of the Relationship-Based Care series of books and workshops. Her belief in the importance of patient-clinician attunement led to the development of the See Me as a Person workshop and book co-created with psychologist Michael Trout. Most recently, Mary is a contributing author and co-editor of Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures.
Connect with Mary to discuss your organization’s strengths and opportunities. After even a brief conversation with Mary, you will have a greater understanding of your organization’s unique gifts and a renewed optimism about moving your culture forward.