Manthey Marie | CHCM

Marie Manthey

PhD (hon), MNA, FAAN, FRCN, President Emeritus
The founder and president emeritus of CHCM, Marie has long been able to bridge the world of ideas and the real world of patient care in health care workplaces. She’s taught thousands of nurses in seminars and workshops throughout the world. No matter what other subjects she addresses, she never fails to come back to the key to good patient care: “You have to see what supports the patient-clinician relationship and what interferes with it, then enhance what helps and minimize what hurts.”
Marie is known for her capacity to bring new ideas into reality in a way that is easy to understand and universally applicable. She has spent her career developing, outlining, and explaining Primary Nursing practices and developing and refining processes that help nurses excel and grow.
Marie is also a multi-award-winning author. In 2002, she won the AJN Book of the Year Award for The Practice of Primary Nursing. In 2004, she was again an AJN Book of the Year Award winner, as a contributing author for Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice. And in 2016, Primary Nursing: Patient-Centered Care Delivery System Design, co-authored with Susan Wessel, also won AJN Book of the Year.
In 2015, Marie was presented with the American Academy of Nursing Living Legend Award.