• Year of the Nurse and the Midwife!

    Creative Health Care Management joins the World Health Organization in celebrating the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. Our company has been empowering, educating, and promoting nurses for over 40 years. We honor their compassionate care and the contribution all nurses make to patient outcomes and health care as a whole.

  • Remember when your team all rallied around the patient?

    At Creative Health Care Management, we literally wrote the book on Relationship-Based Care, and RBC’s foremost deliverable is an organization-wide recommitment to self-awareness, team cohesion, and extraordinary care for patients and families.

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  • Remember your first patient?

    At Creative Health Care Management, we re-ignite that spirit of caring and advance your culture in ways that make a positive and lasting impact on both you and your patients.

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  • Book of the year!

    Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures has been named the 2018 James A. Hamilton Book of the Year by the American College of Healthcare Executives, and received the 2019 Capstone International Nursing Book Award from Sigma Theta Tau!

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Transforming Health Care And Strengthening Results


Transforming health care for over 40 years.

We understand your challenges because we’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve been in the board room and at the bedside. We’ve been the worried family member and the patient who wondered: can’t health care do better? Health care can do better. Our clients are demonstrating it every day.

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Creating cultural transformations.

Over 40 years of experience working with hundreds of systems around the world have equipped us to offer unparalleled consulting that helps you optimize your culture.

  • Organizational Excellence

    We inspire deeper purpose and help you create shared ownership so your people and your entire organization can attain extraordinary results.

  • Leadership & Team Development

    We help you develop the caring, focused leaders and teams that can help make you an industry leader

  • Patient Experience & Quality

    When Clinicians have a shared goal of holding patients at the center of care, outcomes are positively impacted. We partner with you to offer the compassionate, high-quality care we all deserve.

  • Team Member Engagement

    A thriving, positive, engaged workforce is essential to providing the best patient care. Advance your team member experience in ways that make a positive and lasting impact on both your teams and your patients.

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Proven leadership & professional development.

CHCM partners with health care organizations to improve quality, safety, patient experience, staff and physician satisfaction, and financial performance. Our experts have broad clinical and administrative expertise and a deep commitment to improving health care. They inspire, coach, and help organizations excel.

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Thought Leadership

Making Room for Relationships

by Kary Gillenwaters, MA, OTR/L In a recent medical appointment of my own, I was struck by how often the initial collection of vitals and other information during an office…