Leadership Development

Creative Health Care Insight™ Cloud-Based Platform

Save significant time and money.

The Creative Health Care Insight platform is an innovative combination of 360° assessments, educational content, competency management, and actionable data analysis. All data and activities are captured in a professional portfolio that both staff and leaders can utilize to further their professional and organizational development.

The platform comprised of three components:

1. Professional Portfolio Data Vault
2. Competency Prioritization + Management
3. Discovery + Education

This platform can be fully integrated with your current LMS and/or HRIS System!

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Professional Portfolio Data Vault

Make reporting your ANCC demographic data and professional activities more effective, efficient and streamlined. This feature fulfills Magnet Recognition® and Pathway to Excellence® peer feedback requirements, as well as other education requirements.


Competency Prioritization + Management

Seamlessly prioritize and manage your competency needs while also tracking completion documentation for each employee.

Current / Upcoming Events & Webinars

Discovery + Education

Develop, enhance, and sustain your Relationship-Based Care® culture.


Relational Insight Suite

Our innovative relational competence assessment evaluates perceptions of key behaviors for positive relationships of individuals with co-workers, patients, and families. Comprehensive e-learning modules support competency needs.

Leadership Insight 360°

Measure the leadership skills of your interprofessional leadership team. Our discovery tool highlights strengths, identifies gaps, and tracks progress over time, empowering individuals and organizations to make their leadership development efforts more targeted and effective.