Creative Health Care Insight Platform: Cloud Based Platform

Implementing this platform can provide substantial savings and significant efficiencies for your organization.

Creative Health Care Insight is a cloud-based platform comprised of three components:

  1. Discovery and Education
  2. DDCT® Data Vault
  3. Competency Prioritization and Management

These components can be used separately or as a fully integrated system. Full integration maximizes the capabilities of all three components. For example:

  • Quality data and outcomes metrics can be used to determine competency needs, while discovery instruments track behavioral and relational competency changes over time.
  • Leverage the platform’s customizable 360° discovery processes to fulfill ANCC Magnet® peer feedback requirements, while creating potential ongoing competency verification methods.
  • Stories of Excellence utilized as exemplars for ongoing competency verification are seamlessly stored within the DDCT® Data Vault and can support Magnet® documentation.

Platform features include:

  • Co-designed with Donna Wright to seamlessly prioritize and manage competency needs
  • Significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of ongoing competency management processes
  • Embeds organizational strategic priorities into the annual competency process
  • Exceeds regulatory bodies’ competency requirements with customizable reports that track and document critical thinking and decision-making around competency considerations
  • Builds relational competence for all levels of the organization
  • Fundamentals of Relational Competence comprehensive e-Learning modules offer CE opportunities
  • Highlights strengths, identifies gaps, and tracks changes for more effective leadership development
  • Automatic collection and tracking of information for the ANCC Demographic Data Collection Tool® and Organization Demographic Form®
  • Fulfills Magnet Recognition® and Pathway to Excellence® peer feedback requirements
  • Tracks and analyzes data related to ACLS, BLS, HIPAA and other education requirements
  • User-friendly, ultra secure, and accessible from any web-enabled device
  • Platform can be fully integrated with your current LMS and/or HRIS Systems

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Donna Wright's Competency Platform

Creative Health Care Insight was co-designed with Donna Wright, and is the only platform that empowers organizations to fully leverage The Wright Model of Competency Assessment.
Competency Prioritization Management | CHCM

Competency Prioritization and Management

Competency assessment is an everchanging process that goes beyond selecting the competencies. A successful competency process must properly document all competency considerations and the actual needs of the organization for a certain time period. The Competency Prioritization and Management platform component exceeds regulatory body requirements by providing customizable reports that track and document all steps in the critical thinking and decision-making process around competency considerations. Co-designed with Donna Wright, Creative Health Care Insight is the only platform that empowers organizations to leverage The Wright Model of Competency Assessment. Users can seamlessly prioritize and manage their competency needs while also tracking completion documentation for each employee. The platform allows organizations to embed strategic priorities into the annual competency process, leverage their existing shared governance structure, and empower their team to focus on the competencies necessary for their roles while remaining in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals and outcomes. Save significant time and money by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your ongoing competency management processes. Competencies can be filtered and prioritized for groups or departments by strategic goals, current population needs, quality data, and high-risk aspects.
Discovery and Education | CHCM

Discovery and Education

Assess the relational competence of all who interact with patients and families with the Relational Insight 360° (RI-360) discovery tool. Customizable reports can be sorted by individual, unit, department, shift, job type, facility, organization, and more. Findings provide organizations with actionable insight that can be used to deepen essential relational behaviors; comprehensive e-learning modules help develop, enhance, and sustain relational competence.

Measure and analyze the leadership skills of your interprofessional leadership team with the Leadership Insight 360° discovery tool. Our customizable process includes self-appraisal, peer feedback, supervisor/manager evaluations, and direct-report feedback. Individualized user dashboards highlight strengths, identify gaps, and track changes over time, empowering individuals and organizations to make their leadership development efforts more targeted and effective.

Professional Portfolio Data Vault | CHCM

DDCT® Data Vault

With access to this unique repository, individuals and organizations can track, trend, and analyze data related to required education requirements, and certification achievement, as well as stories of extraordinary care, excellent teamwork, and exemplary practice. This component reduces the amount of time required to collect, track, and validate the key information required by ANCC for the Demographic Data Collection Tool® (DDCT®) and the Organization Demographic Form (ODF®). The DDCT® Data Vault can easily collect and extract data needed for a variety of reports and exemplars that support demonstrations of excellence for Magnet Recognition®, Pathway to Excellence®, Practice Accreditation Program™, and other awards and accreditations.

Creative Health Care Insight Cost Benefit and Analysis | CHCM

Creative Health Care Insight Cost Benefit Analysis

An organization with 3500 caregivers in their current competency system could save approximately $350,000 in year 1 using the Creative Health Care Insight Competency Prioritization and Management component. By year 5 they could have saved nearly 1.6 million. And this is a conservative estimate; it does not account for time offline from direct patient care, the cost of training, and other indirect costs. There are other intangible savings associate with the platform as well. It has shown to strengthen key components of Magnet® including shared governance and collaboration, which leads to autonomy and likelihood to stay in the job. Every hospital that saves 50 nurses from quitting saves \$2 million on average.