By Marky Medeiros, MSN, RN

What to look for when hiring a Magnet Program Director (MPD):

Most organizations on a journey to excellence search for an experience person to lead their journey to excellence. The problem is there is not a huge pool of people who have successfully lead or co-lead a Magnet® journey. It is difficult if not impossible to find an experience MPD. What options are available if you cannot find an experience MPD?

My advice is to “grow your own”. Nurses who have longevity in an organization and are involved in organizational decision making often make great MPDs. Someone who has history with the organization and knows what’s happening currently can write with knowledge and passion about the organization. Often nurses who have served on the Magnet Champions committee or other organizational level committees/councils, who have been to a Magnet Conference, and who understand Magnet® principles can be mentored and coached to be excellent MPDs.

At Creative Health Care Management our consultants have many years of experience with coaching and mentoring new MPDs. We know what it takes to lead a new MPD through the process. We have been through the process ourselves and with many different organizations (with 100% success). We are prepared and eager to mentor and coach your new MPD.

If you are interested in growing an MPD in your organization and would like mentors with MPD/successful Magnet Journey® experience contact Marky, Amber, or Gen.

Marky Medeiros Gen Guanci Amber Orton