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By Kathleen Van Wagoner

The Gold you Hold Within Yourself

Inspiring Connections welcomes you to spring with encouragement to take the time to reflect on how Spring is arriving for you. Noticing and celebrating the changing of seasons has been essential for many throughout the years. We leave behind the many gifts winter has brought us to be open and accepting of the increasing sunshine and warmth, blooming trees and flowers, and the often-enchanting voices of our feathered friends. Some of us are considering our personal welcome of spring — preparing space for blooming flowers, getting our bike a tune-up, walking by the lake or mountains, or perhaps it is time for a bit of spring cleaning.

In my home we welcome our annual shamrock with the sturdy hope of keeping the plant alive a bit longer than last year and creatively building the trap to lure our elusive and quite mythical leprechaun. The shamrock symbolizes faith, love, hope, and good fortune, and the humble and elusive leprechauns are known for their trickery and being guardians of pots of gold hidden at the end of our rainbows. They are also known to share generously when someone has shown them kindness.

Reflecting on Spring

Reflecting on how Spring arrives into my life — I wonder if I take time to intentionally appreciate the kindness the season is offering to me? Do I contemplate my good fortune? Do I intentionally receive the loving kindness others offer to me or do I sometimes, maybe most times, offer an automated thank you and not fully embrace and accept the gift of love and kindness.

Nurture the Best of What Already Exists

As Spring begins, we do not always recognize all that is occurring beneath the ground as the warm sun encourages the seeds to germinate and the bulbs to push their green tips towards the surface. Similar to how a Relationship-Based Care journey begins, the sun and dirt nurture the very best of what already exists. When we nurture the very best of what is in each of us, we create the loving kindness we offer to ourselves and each other. The relational and caring work comes from the inside‐out, meaning it appeals to and optimizes the very best of what already exists in each of us. Caring about the relationships we have with ourselves and the people who are important to us aligns our purpose and meaning with our personal and professional processes and behaviors.

Transforming our Intentions

The work of transforming our intentions is not always “what we do,” and more about “who we are.” Intentionally understanding our purpose, the meaning of the gifts we share with those important to us can lead to great joy. Our wish is for your faith and hope to lovingly turn inward toward yourself, allowing your kindness to emerge and be felt by those around you. Perhaps you will find your leprechaun leading you the gold you hold within yourself. Creative Health Care Management is celebrating the gift of you.


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