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Relationship-Based Culture & Wellness (RBC&W) at UC Davis Health (UCDH) 2023

Since 2010, Relationship-Based Care® (RBC) has been integrated at UCDH as a blueprint for technologically precise compassionate care. Evidence of RBC can be found throughout the health system including the way colleagues care for one another and patients, moments of gratitude and acknowledgement as standard meeting and retreat practices, in all Patient Care Services job descriptions and the annual Creative Health Care Insight 360 Peer Review Assessment.

In addition to offering the RBC classes and coaching facilitators, RBC leads, Theresa Pak, RN, Nurse Manager and RBC & W Strategist and Jessica Micheletti, MPH, RBC & W Manager, also provide consulting for leaders integrating relational competencies of care and wellness for leadership retreats and team/unit meetings.

The RBC Facilitation team includes 37 employees from multi-disciplinary roles, including Innovation Technology, Ambulatory Care, Pharmacy and Patient Care Services (PCS), thus, furthering the science-based, technologically precise, compassionately delivered patient care at UCDH. RBC® classes continued to expand in Fiscal Year 22/23 offering 52 classes to 757 employees; a 37% increase from last year.

The participants in 2022 became more diverse, representing the following areas within the health system: Lift Team, Adult Infusion, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, Patient Experience, Ambulatory Leadership, Employee Health, Transplant Center, Cancer Center, Innovation Technology, Advance Wound Care and Vascular Center, Laboratory Services, Social Work, Food & Nutrition Services, Emergency Department, Pulmonary Services, OR, Pre-Op, PACU, APP, Radiology, GI Outreach, Stroke, Dermatology, and Pediatric Infusion among others.

RBC evaluations from FY 22/23 demonstrate the following:

  • 98% RSC/96% SMAAP would recommend this course to a colleague
  • 98% RSC/97% SMAAP indicate course was a worthwhile investment in professional development
  • 98% RSC/95% SMAAP will apply new knowledge to their practice

While this information is valuable, it is the comments below from our workshop participants that light our way and reveal why we do what we do:

This program contained the most useful information that I have learned during my professional career. Learning how to stay in touch with myself while also continuing to give my all when it comes to interacting with patients and visitors!

  1. Self-care so I can show up and be my best self.
  2. Creating boundaries for self-preservation.
  3. Acknowledgment of another’s emotions helps provide a therapeutic relationship through understanding someone else and providing empathy.

I will find the best way to create a safe space for my staff and incorporate some of this training at staff meetings. I will set aside preconceived assumptions and will listen and engage, seeking to understand rather than just to fix.

Comments from our RBC Facilitators also highlight the value of this work:

Leading LEO [Leading an Empowered Organization] has made me a better person, leader, nurse, and human. LEO has empowered my engagement and longevity as a Nurse Leader for 13 years.

~ Tracy Seward, LEO Facilitator and Nurse Practice Manager, Internal Medicine

The therapeutic practices of See Me as a Person has helped me create healthier and happier relationships in my personal and professional connections. When I look at individuals holistically, embracing their backstory and all identities, I can create more genuine and empathetic relationships which fuel my values and purpose. By remembering to attune, I can check my own capacity and give myself grace.* *Since becoming a facilitator, I have a healthier and happier relationship with myself.

~ Annie Tat, SMAAP Facilitator and Assistant Nurse Manager II, Patient Care Resources


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