Leading Lasting Change

Welcome to the growing community of courageous leaders who have embraced Relationship-Based Care as the means and method for transforming point-of-care and service experiences for patients, families, physicians, and staff.

This knowledge transfer package has been designed to assist you in engaging leaders from all levels of your organization in understanding the vital and unique roles they play in transforming dreams into reality. Individually, each of us can make an important impact. Collectively, we can create the most desirable environments of care we can imagine!

To support your success, we are offering this collection of knowledge and wisdom from our expert consultants and our colleagues who share their lived experiences. This ground-breaking resource gives you timely tools to inspire the culture change necessary to implement Relationship-Based Care.

In this package we have bundled award-winning products with expert faculty coaching and education, providing you with a virtual consulting experience.

The Leading Lasting Change Resource Package

Award-Winning Books

Consultation Support

Your choice of one of the following : Three hours of phone consultation with a Creative Health Care Management faculty member or one complimentary tuition for the five-day Relationship-Based Care Leader Practicum.

Leading Lasting Change: The Relationship-Based Care Journey DVD Series

  • Five copies of the complete DVD series and workbook

More about the Leading Lasting Change: The Relationship-Based Care Journey DVD Series

Learn how one health care system is implementing Relationship-Based Care in every department and site including in-patient, out-patient, and long-term care. Four years into their cultural transformation, learn the detailed steps they took, the challenges they faced, and ultimately, the rewards they reaped since embarking on their Relationship-Based Care journey. Based on the culture-changing principles of I2E2, you will see and hear how five key stakeholder groups made it happen.

Watch Relationship-Based Care: The CEO Story here.

video still ceo story

Disc 1: The C-Suite Journey
Hear from the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and other executives as they share how support from senior leadership is key to a successful implementation. Focused on relationships, they committed to Relationship-Based Care as their “Hedgehog,” the driver of their business and their key service initiative.

Disc 2: The Executive Sponsor and Relationship-Based Care Coordinator Journey
Successful implementation of Relationship-Based Care requires strong leadership, persistent focus, attention to detail, nurturing of empowered individuals and groups, creativity, commitment, and coordination. Learn about the partnership between the RBC Coordinator and the Chief Nursing Officer, and how they created the structure for successful change that truly focuses operations on the patient and family. This DVD includes the powerful story of Michael, a rehab patient who received exceptional care and returned to inspire others to “just jump!”

Disc 3: The Results Council Journey
The most successful Results Councils have members from the executive team as well as key clinical and service support departments. The council often has two co-leaders, one of whom is a nurse. The council operates with eight or nine functional sub-groups, each one led by a strong organizational leader. Their stories of challenge and success illustrate the power of role clarity in supporting staff efforts along the journey.

Disc 4: The Unit/Department Manager Journey
The most challenging and influential role in health care is that of the unit and department manager. We know that staff who are most successful in accepting their role responsibilities as caregivers or in support of those who provide direct care have a strong, empowering leader who is both inspired and inspiring. You’ll hear from a wide array of disciplines–nursing, support services, pharmacy, physical therapy, rehabilitation, surgery, emergency services, and more–whose committed leadership shaped the success of the staff on their units.

Disc 5: The Unit Practice Council Journey
In a Relationship-Based Care culture, the most crucial leaders are those at the point of care. You will be inspired by the evidence of ownership and clear acceptance of responsibility for leading colleagues to create environments desirable for patients, families, physicians, and their co-workers.

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