What is the Business Case for Cultures of Excellence?

Today’s health care environment is marked by high customer expectations, staff shortages, and an intense outcomes focus. The need to transform cultures is greater than ever before. The transformation that comes with Cultures of Excellence results in organizational outcomes including increases in clinical indicators, patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and financial reimbursements.

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Why is CHCM the Best Choice to Guide You on Your Journey to Excellence?

If you are on a Magnet® journey or any Cultures of Excellence journey, your number one predictor of success is an experienced guide.

Whether you are applying for a formal award designation or re-designation such as ANCC Magnet Recognition®, Pathway to Excellence® designation, Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Award, AACN Beacon Award®, ENA Lantern Award, or simply pursuing your own unique culture of excellence, the team at Creative Health Care Management provides guidance and support for both initial and ongoing award or designation status. Grounded in the principles of shared governance/shared decision-making, we help you to understand everything you need to know about where you are, and we help you get to where you want to go.

CHCM utilizes a Culture of Excellence (CoE) team approach to the consultative support we offer. Our team approach taps into the expertise of consultants, led by Gen Guanci, an ANCC Fundamentals of Magnet Certificate holder. Our team consists of individuals who, while they were in their roles of Magnet® Program Directors or Directors of Professional Practice, brought their organizations through successful Magnet® designation journeys.

While there can be no guarantee of success, you can take comfort in knowing that the CHCM CoE team has a 100% track record of partnering with organizations on their multi-year journeys to successful Magnet® designation and/or re-designation.


Which Journey to Take: Differentiating Pathway to Excellence and Magnet Recognition

August 18, 12 PM Central
Presenters: Gen Guanci
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Are you wondering if you should journey to Pathway to Excellence® (PTE) designation or should you by-pass PTE and go for Magnet® designation?

This webinar will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the two programs. You will leave with increased confidence that a thoughtful, knowledgeable organizational decision can be made as to which journey to take.

Where Do I Start as a New Magnet Program Director? Ten Steps to Get Started

September 22nd, 12 PM Central
Presenters: Marky Medeiros
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Accepting a position as a Magnet Program Director is exciting…and then comes the realization of the daunting task ahead. It’s not easy getting your arms around a job that encompasses everything from collecting meaningful examples to writing a document to collecting demographic information to preparing an organization for the journey to creating groups to work on crucial aspects of the journey, and so much more! Join Marky Medeiros, previous Magnet Program Director through multiple successful Magnet Journeys, as she outlines steps to take to get started as a new MPD.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Overview of the New Magnet Application Manual

December 15, 12 PM Central
Presenters: Gen Guanci
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The new ANCC Magnet Recognition Program ® manual will be released by the end of 2017.

Join Gen Guanci as she takes you on a tour of what stayed the same, what has been eliminated and what is new.

Time will be spent focusing on sources of evidence that specifically focus on ambulatory settings.

Shared Governance: Interprofessional Collaboration to Enhance Point of Care Decisions

Description: As part of this interactive webinar, participants will learn strategies to enhance interprofessional partnerships. In a shared governance setting the importance of including the right people in the decision-making process is crucial in delivering quality patient care. Learn how to expand and enhance shared governance councils in your organization to include key partners in care to enhance decision making regarding patient care, and ultimately improve patient and staff outcomes with Marky Mederios

Shared Governance Leadership: Key Strategies for Highly Effective Council Leadership

Unlock the potential of clinical staff nurses taking on leadership positions in shared governance councils. Discover specific, actionable strategies and skills to optimize success leading councils. We will also discuss ways to strategically embed structures and processes which prepare newer council leaders to thrive in leader roles with Marky Mederios

Shared Governance Makes a Difference: Articulating Outcomes

The work of shared governance goes far beyond “doing things or projects”. Join us for this informative webinar where Gen Guanci will help councils, council members, and leaders articulate what is different as a result of the work councils are doing.

So How Are We Doing: Evaluating Your Shared Governance Structures and Processes

Has your shared governance been in place for a year or more? Is its function less than what you had planned or hoped? If you have answered yes to either of these questions join us as Gen Guanci shares the why, what and how of a comprehensive shared governance assessment.

Taming the DDCT

Magnet Designated organizations are required to submit a Demographic Data Collection Tool™ (DDCT™). For some organizations planning and collection of the data can take months due to the fact that all data may not be located in one place or in one office. As with most requirements needed for your journey a fair amount of planning goes into preparing the DDCT. Join consultant Marky Mederios as she provides helpful tips for taming the DDCT and making this task more manageable.

After the Webinar, participants will be able to:
• Identify strategies for planning a successful completion of the DDCT
• Create a timeline and action plan for completion of the DDCT
• Understand what data is needed to complete DDCT
• Identify potential partners to assist in the completion process.

Magnet Program Directors, nurse executives, nurse leaders, or any partner involved in the collection of DDCT data needed for this requirement will benefit from this webinar. If you are interested in learning more about preparing and completing the DDCT join Marky to gain valuable insight and proven strategies to complete and tame the DDCT beast.

Gen Guanci, Creative Health Care Management consultant, is focused on advancing nursing as a profession and nursing professional development. Whether it’s educating on Relationship-Based Care or guiding organizations as they establish a culture of excellence, including the journey to Magnet® designation, Gen sees the possibilities in all of her clients.

CHCM provides every essential service in support of your organization’s journey to excellence. To learn more about each individual service, click here.

For a list of leadership services for Magnet Program Directors and Cultures of Excellence Champions, click here.

Partial List of Magnet® Focused CHCM Clients

  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA
  • St Francis Hospital, Columbus, GA
  • Antelope Valley Hospital, Lancaster, CA
  • York Hospital, York, PA
  • Mississippi Baptist Hospital, Jackson, MS
  • Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT

Repeat Clients (Redesignation)

  • Children’s National Health System, Washington, DC
  • Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA
  • Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, CA
  • Lowell General Hospital, Lowell, MA
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT

“Relationship-Based Care was the foundation of the professional practice model we used to achieve Magnet® designation in 2009 at York Hospital. With its emphasis on Primary Nursing and its patient focus, Relationship-Based Care makes an ideal infrastructure for delivering high-quality individualized patient care.”

~ Michelle DeStefano, Director, Professional Nursing Practice, York Hospital, York, PA.



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