improve patient experience

Improve the Patient Experience

70% of healthcare CEOs list the Patient Experience as one of their top three priorities.*

Do you have a proven strategy for ensuring
an exceptional patient experience
across the continuum of care?

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increase quality

Increase Quality & Safety

Ever wonder what happens to quality and safety measures when staff members take ownership of their own results?

From pre-Relationship-Based Care implementation to
post, one CHCM client experienced a 40%
reduction in hospital acquired
pressure ulcers in its acute care units.

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transform culture

Transform Your Culture

One good caregiver interaction won't define a patient's experience, but one bad one will.

Do you have an infrastructure in place
that allows your mission, vision,
and values to be embodied by
every clinician in every
patient encounter?

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healthy engaged teams

Create Healthy Engaged Teams

What's your current investment in employee engagement initiatives? (And what is your return on that investment?)

From pre-Relationship-Based Care Implementation
to post, nurse turnover dropped
from 16% to 3%, saving one client
organization hundreds of
thousands of dollars.

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develop leaders

Develop Leaders

Are your leaders stressed and unable to deliver outcomes? Or even worse, are they leaving?

Our empowering leadership curriculum has developed leaders across the globe to own their impact and deliver results for over 35 years.

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engage physicians

Engage Physicians

At a loss for how to create nurse-physician partnerships that benefit the patient?

One CHCM client saw physician satisfaction with overall quality of nursing increase 23.8% to the 98th percentile.

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magnet readiness

Magnet Journey®

Almost 30% of healthcare organizations fail on their first attempt to achieve Magnet® designation.

100% of the hospitals CHCM has partnered with on their Magnet Journey® have obtained initial designation or

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What Makes a Healthcare Organization Great?

Patients and their families tend not to notice whether an organization has the newest patient rooms, the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment, or the most advanced information technology. They notice how members of the care team interact with one another. They notice whether the people caring for them are making an effort to really know them and to understand what they’re going through. They notice how they feel.

We engage leaders throughout the organization, ultimately empowering those closest to the work to determine how processes, systems, and practice will change to ensure excellent quality, safety, and patient experience results.

When Creative Health Care Management inspires, engages, and empowers your staff, we expand their capacity, creating more energy, commitment, and compassion without more cost. Creative Health Care Management partners with organizations that are embracing change as the new constant in the pursuit of providing the ultimate patient and family experience.

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CHCM Public Appearances

April 24, 2014
ANPD Webinar
Donna Wright will present a webinar for ANPD on "Humor: A Serious Educational Strategy."
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April 2014
Iowa Hospital Association Leadership Series
Donna Wright will present a class on Competency.

May 1 - 4, 2014
ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference
San Antonio, TX
Susan Cline will present on "Vulnerability as an Essential Component of Transformational Nursing Leadership."
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May 5, 2014
HealthcareSource Webinar Series
Gen Guanci will present a webinar on "Celebrating Our Past to Create Our Future."
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Upcoming Events

WEBINAR: Accountability and Consequences: The Ultimate Formula for Leadership Success

April 25, 2014
Noon to 1:00 p.m. CST
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The See Me as a Person Workshop New Facilitator Practicum

April 22-25, 2014 - Champaign/Urbana Illinois
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WEBINAR: The Magnet® Imperative for Comprehensive Preceptor Programs

May 30, 2014 – 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. CST
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Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring (RSC) New Facilitator Practicum

June 2-5, 2014 - Southbury, CT
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