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By Brenneman Christine

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Community Health Network, Indianapolis, IN

Relationships are part of our mission, vision, and values at Community Health Network and we believe Relationship-Based Care (RBC) enhances all that we are committed to for our patients and our caregivers (employees) by encouraging well-being for ourselves as an intentional practice. We are integrating RBC and See Me as a Person concepts into various aspects of our organization and across our multidisciplinary workforce and are slowly expanding and enhancing with each intentional step forward.

We encourage every caregiver, no matter their role, to attend the two day See Me as a Person workshop retreat that focuses on the personal awareness, professional knowledge, and practical, repeatable skills required to “see each patient as a person” with their own unique story and response to their need for care. Positive feedback from previous sessions have demonstrated the See Me as a Person workshop is an inspirational and valuable practice for strengthening our ability to connect with patients and their loved ones, our colleagues, and ourselves in our fast paced, complex health care environments. This is an investment in deepening and sustaining our journey of Relationship-Based Care and Community culture. 

Quotes from See Me as a Person participants

Quotes from See Me as a Person participants | CHCM

With the change in flow of the world, Professional Shared Governance Network Congress presented the Caring for Caregiver Well-being events held around the Network when we were unable to have our normal annual celebration related to Covid….that didn’t stop us from reaching out to all of our caregivers with a ‘Well-being Walkthrough event! There were seven events across our regions. Many worked tirelessly to pull together a traveling roadshow that focused on the well-being aspects of Care of Self and Care of Coworkers so we can Care for Others.

We were able to create a pleasant environment that allowed us to walk through a variety of activities, share in food, and be able to take a moment to care for ourselves and lift each other up. Festivities included: prize drawings at each location, pet therapy, sno-cone cart, signature board, gratitude hearts to share a message with another coworker that were displayed in each Region, massage therapy, refreshments (coffee, hot chocolate, water, donuts and cookies from local bakeries, fruit, and nuts). Many thanks to our amazing Nutrition Services teams for the great snacks and coordinating with our local bakeries! RISE team (Resiliency In Stressful Events), EAP team (Employee Assistance Program), and Chaplains all had booths for information and discussion at each Region.

We received such great feedback from our Caregivers that did attend! Many Leaders at all levels were present to serve, support, and have positive interactions with Caregivers. Several Caregivers loaded up their carts to take snacks back to their busy teams.

All of the vendors, both from our Network and outside of it, stated they had never been a part of this type of event and have never seen another organization do something of this magnitude for their caregivers. This was also a way we could share comradery with and support some of our local small ‘c’ community, by supporting their business serving our team!

* We received great feedback and very positive comments during the event from various attendees.

* One of my favorites is: “Massage therapy, pet therapy, and sno-cones. This must be Heaven!”
~ a Caregiver

* Total touchpoints of those that attended the event and also those visited during rounding on the floors: over 3500+ (2300+ direct touchpoints in the event rooms, 1200+ indirect contact made when visiting the floors delivering goodies after the events)


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