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By Ruth Kitzmiller

The Importance of Attending Conferences

Do you feel warm all over when you see an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while?

Do you feel excited when you are greeted at the door after a long day by family and furry friends?

This is the feeling I get when I attend a national conference! I become giddy with excitement from the moment I see the banner welcoming me to the conference until I leave the conference and see the “see you next year” sign. I paused this year to take it all in at the ANCC National Magnet® and Pathway to Excellence® conference in Chicago.

The Largest Nursing Conference for Nurse Professionals

Let me state that again, this conference is “The Largest Nursing Conference for Nurse Professionals!!!” That is amazing! A conference organized by nurses, for nurses, to support nurses! Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over? The excitement and positive energy of a conference supports so much in nursing. The benefits to nurses are astronomical.

Benefits in Attending Conferences

The first benefit being lifelong learning. There is a large sea of knowledge at every conference. Each nurse brings his/her knowledge and experience to a conference. If each nurse shared one piece of knowledge the growth that would occur would be amazing! Information sharing is how best practices are developed and how nursing excellence is achieved. Be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible and don’t forget to share your knowledge – there is someone who will benefit!

Secondly, comradery is developed. Developing relationships and friendships at conferences is so comforting. A casual hello can lead to a lifelong relationship. These relationships can lead to policy sharing, best practice ideas, article/book ideas, mentoring, coaching, or just an ear to listen when you aren’t at your best. We sometimes think that we are in our nursing careers alone and we forget that we have nurses in other units, other organizations, other states, and even other countries that are going through the same struggles. Say hello to a nurse at a conference and see what happens!

Next, the opportunity to get involved. Conferences are a great place to learn about different committees and initiatives in nursing. You may be interested in serving on a local chapter of your area of work. You may be interested in taking a more active role in politics and helping create change at the state or federal level. Maybe you just have an interest in helping prevent falls or increasing certifications at your organization. There are opportunities for all of this and more. If you can’t find a topic or place to get involved, then find a couple nurses that are passionate about the same topic and start a new team. Take advantage of these opportunities to create nursing excellence!

Lastly, it is motivating! There is so much positive energy at a conference. Nurses from all over the world attended the ANCC National Magnet and Pathway to Excellence conference. They didn’t come there to share miseries. They came to be uplifted, energized, inspired, encouraged, and even dazzled. This motivation is what helps nursing evolve. Positive energy leads to positive ideas and outcomes. The energy that is generated at a conference should flow through each participant into each and every organization where they work. Use the energy to achieve nursing goals at your organization!

Renew Your Passion for Nursing

Attending a conference can be overwhelming and joyous! At your next conference, pause at the WELCOME sign and think about what your goal is and set your path for achieving it! Find a nursing event near you and sign up today. The experience will keep your passion for nursing alive and vibrant!

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