Creative Nursing – TOC Vol. 26 #2

In the new issue of Creative Nursing, Seeing Beyond Gender, Marie Manthey issues a clear and impassioned call to action for the care provided to sexual and gender minority persons. Marie says, “a founding value of nursing is a commitment to care compassionately for all humans, regardless of any characteristic, ethnicity, behavior, quality or value that nurses may find unsavory outside of work. When a patient’s gender identification, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation falls outside of the realms of “straight” and “cis-gender” the nurse’s commitment to caring is no different. No nurse gets a pass because they find someone’s gender presentation confusing, or because they’re being asked to call someone by a name or pronoun that makes the nurse uncomfortable” Guest editor Alex Iantaffi expands understanding as he discusses gender as a historical and biopsychosocial construct. This means understand that there are many aspects of gender besides identity, such as gender expressions, roles, and experiences. The contributing authors help us see beyond our own lived experience, perhaps our own comfort zone and reflect on what inclusion really means. This issue challenges our assumptions, expands our knowledge, and strengthens our capacity for unconditional care for all.      

Annotated Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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