Mourine Evans | CHCM

Mourine Evans

Mourine guides organizations in how to build economic and social capacity for optimal goal achievement. She exemplifies a labor of love for leadership and process management by linking action planning to the organization’s vision and goals. She has developed signature programs based on specialized knowledge of the caring sciences and application at the point of care and services.
Mourine is particularly focused on inspiring caregivers to reach higher levels of achievement through learning. She imparts this learning by teaching tangible practical skills, and her uncanny ability to be simultaneously brilliant and simple ensures that participants quickly grasp concepts and immediately apply them to their work.
One of Mourine’s great strengths, thanks to her blend of practical and academic experience, is that she can translate to point-of-care staff what their leaders want, but also explain to executives what the realities are on the ground. She understands the clinical experience and relishes helping organizations achieve high quality results even when constrained by operational realities.