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Tuning in to Yourself is the Foundation of Wellbeing

For most of us, understanding our level of well-being isn’t as objective a pursuit as, say, diagnosing an arm fracture: Fall off ladder. Land on arm. Arm aches. Trip to Urgent Care. X-ray. Arm broken. The condition of one’s own wellbeing is harder to see so clearly. While many useful assessment tools exist to help you determine your current wellbeing profile, we’d like to invite you to first apply the tool of your own ability to attune to yourself.

Loving Leadership

At CHCM’s Relationship Based Care Symposium, in June, Mary Strom and Kristen Lombard, PhD, RN led an interactive session called “From Fears to Fierce: Unleashing the Power of Loving Leadership.”…

Measuring the effects of nursing education

From Nurse Leader Insider Years ago, while working in nursing professional development and education, consultant Gen Guanci, MEd, RN-BC, CCRN, realized that she was doing herself and her department a…

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