Workshops for Healthy Workplace Cultures

Listed below are some of the most requested workshops Creative Health Care Management offers. We can also collaborate with you to tailor workshops specifically for your organization.

Building and Promoting Healthy Teams

Whether you are addressing existing long-term work groups or convening a one-time meeting, healthy teams are the key to efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and safety. Discover the foundation for building teams as well as creative strategies to promote open, honest communication on a daily basis.

Commitment to My Co-workers©

A program based on our ever-popular Commitment to My Co-workers© card, this presentation addresses the basic foundation needed to build healthy interpersonal relationships at work. It focuses on getting the 3Bs (bickering, backbiting, and blaming) out of health care and establishing basic rules for open, honest communication in all interactions.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Make accountability for performance a reality within your organization by helping your members hone skills that improve results and facilitate effective working relationships. This workshop is designed for managers, team leaders, directors, staff, administrators, and everyone else who is truly interested in achieving the organization’s vision and reaching their own professional goals.

Leadership at the Point of Care (LPC)

Leadership at the Point of Care is a dynamic and inspirational 3-day seminar designed to build professional nursing practice and leadership skills within direct caregivers.

Pathways to Shared Decision-Making for Leaders and Staff

Do you have an established model of shared governance in your organization that needs renewing? Are you in the beginning phases of creating a decision-making culture that promotes involvement of all staff and management? This workshop presents strategies to enhance this decision-making process and create an environment of success for both managers and staff.

Primary Nursing Intensive

The Primary Nurse is responsible for managing the care of a small caseload of patients by establishing a therapeutic relationship and making decisions about the amount and kind of nursing care the patient will receive.  This two day workshop is led by Creative Health Care founder and Primary Nursing pioneer, Marie Manthey.  As Marie explains, “Logistics of assignments complicate Primary Nursing so much that many people feel it is impossible in today’s health care system.  Primary Nursing successes all over the world prove that’s nonsense. I will help you keep it simple and provide insights that Primary Nursing works.” For more information on Primary nursing, click here.

Reconnecting with the Joy, Meaning, and Purpose of Health Care

Ideal for Nurses’ Week, Hospital Week or any other occasion of celebration, we can create inspirational sessions tailored for you. Often used to boost morale, our experiential learning methods of appreciative inquiry, story-telling, and dialogue make our programs as memorable as they are effective.

Relationships at the Point of Care (RPC)

This is a 1-day seminar instructing ancillary and support departments in concepts and skills designed to strengthen teamwork and collaboration with all colleagues. These skills also improve the experience of patients and families, which improves their perceptions of the organization.

Riding the River of Perpetual Change

Health care is like a river. In the past we were gently paddling along. Now we are challenged with whitewater rapids. We cannot stop the river’s flow, but we can learn to navigate it successfully.  This workshop will give you a map to navigate this journey.

Transformational Leadership

Inspire leaders at all levels of the organization to see their leadership potential with fresh eyes and to develop new skills in empowered leadership and shared decision-making. The transformational leadership cycle invites self-reflection, a deep sense of ownership, and a fresh start in rising above the day-to-day chaos of health care.



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