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A Tool for Getting Great Quality DAISY Nominations: View Extraordinary Nursing through the See Me as a Person Framework

A collaborative webinar by The DAISY Foundation and Creative Health Care Management Nurses rarely see the full scope of how much their care impacts their patients and families. The huge, life-saving acts and especially the little expressions of compassion and care that nurses do every day are seen as simply doing their jobs. Nurses may take their work for granted, but we at The DAISY Foundation and Creative Health Care Management know that patients and families do not. To patients and their families, a nurse’s “ordinary” is extraordinary. Now there is a way for nurses to think through what they do in a way that makes them more aware of the full scope of their own impact. Additionally, nurses may apply this framework to writing rich DAISY Award nominations for their nursing colleagues.

Compassion Fatigue: 10 Things You Must Know to Maintain Your Health and Sanity

January 15, 2015 12-1 PM CST In health care we are entrusted with the privilege of caring for patients. This means we are witness to suffering on a daily basis. To engage in this work, we need a sense of radical resilience to maintain a healthy sense of compassion. Our ability to connect with another’s suffering as if it is our own, is a true expression of empathy. This experience is a normal part of who we are as caregivers, and when we are able to put this into perspective by not allowing our heavy heart to become empty, we are truly living our calling. It is when we no longer have the capacity to move in and out of this heaviness and we instead allow it to consume us that we move into the beginning stages of compassion fatigue. Compounded by the increasing demands and changes in health care, we are bombarded with changing roles, expectations, and a sense we cannot possibly meet the patients’ needs and our own at the same time. Traci Hanlon introduces you to the 10 most important practices you and your teams can master to keep your heart full and build a sense of radical resiliency.

Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and Families

The therapeutic relationship is what brings Relationship-Based Care to life. The purpose of the therapeutic relationship is to facilitate the capacity of patients and their loved ones to cope with illness and to invite them into full partnership in their healing and health. It is grounded in medical, nursing, and psychological research, and it is built on the healing power of authentic connection. Mary Koloroutis, Creative Health Care Management Vice President and co-author of See Me as a Person, presents on four practices that will help you to create therapeutic relationship with patients and families in even the most chaotic, time-constrained environments.

Fostering Healthy Relationships-What’s in it for Physicians?

So much despair about the rapidly changing health care landscape is being written and talked about, that it’s easy to forget what wonderful opportunities continue to be front and center in our work. Decreased reimbursements, increased regulations, affiliations, mergers, and layoffs plague us. Why would anyone in their right mind want to work in health care? Dan Kopp, MD, explores the primary motivators for staying in the health care field, and some fundamental practices that will help you rediscover the joy of your work.

From Chaos to Clarity Part I: How Exemplary Nurse Managers Thrive in our Complex Health Care Environment

Mary Koloroutis, Creative Health Care Management Vice President and Consultant, discusses the work she’s doing with Nurse Manager exemplars to discover what helps them to thrive despite their difficult workloads and the unique pressures of their jobs.

As vital and influential leaders at the heart of the organization, nurse managers may have the toughest job in the American health care system. Still, many managers are able to thrive in the position. During this informative webinar you learn about a qualitative study based on Positive Deviance Theory in which exemplary nurse managers describe their successful leadership principles and strategies for achieving desired results. You will leave with a greater understanding of ways to thrive amidst the ever evolving, and always challenging, health care environment.

From Chaos to Clarity Part 2: Top Strategies for Achieving Success as a Nurse Manager

Traci Hanlon explores practical strategies to achieve success as a nurse manager. Based on Mary Koloroutis’ research on exemplary Nurse Managers, this session talks about the implication on practice of Mary’s findings shared in the From Chaos to Clarity: How Exemplary Nurse Managers Thrive in our Complex Health Care Environment.   During this webinar you will obtain practical actions you can apply today to alleviate stress and increase your resiliency as a Nurse Manager.

Introduction to Relationship-Based Care: Benefits in Today’s Health Care Environment

Susan Wessel, a Relationship-Based Care consultant and expert with Creative Health Care Management, and Scott Reistad, a hospital director who has implemented RBC and led a cultural transformation, partner to explain how Relationship-Based Care has improved outcomes in health care organizations all over the world by creating sustainable cultural transformations that put patients and families in the center of our care.  Listen to this informative and inspiring webinar to learn how your organization can use Relationship-Based Care to improve clinical quality and safety, the patient experience, staff satisfaction, and your organization’s financial outcomes.

Journey to Excellence Travel Guide

Planning a trip can be both exciting and stressful. Developing a roadmap, knowing who to bring along, what to pack, and how much the trip will cost help to make the journey more fun. Listen to consultant Marky Medeiros, MSN, RN, RNC-OB, as she provides helpful suggestions for planning a successful journey to excellence.

Keys to Implementation of Relationship-Based Care

Susan Wessel, a Relationship-Based Care consultant, and expert with Creative Health Care Management, will share lessons learned over the last 25 years about implementing Relationship-Based Care and leading lasting change. This webinar will be rich in best practices and examples of specific changes that staff councils have implemented to bring the principles of Relationship-Based Care to life.

Lessons from Exemplary Nurse Managers: Secrets to Their Success

As a result of interviewing a group of exemplary clinical nurse managers, Mary and Susan share three key success factors these exemplary nurse leaders have in common, as well as their insights on how to stay focused on the right things. They also share their own insights about the leadership practices and mindset that contributed to their success. They conclude with implications for practice, both for CNO’s and clinical nurse managers. Listen to Susan Wessel and Mary Koloroutis for this insightful look at how to maximize both well-being and performance in the people carrying out one of the most difficult jobs in health care.

Measuring the Outcomes of Nursing Professional Development

When asked for an outcome report, all too often educators report out on their productivity: how many classes they taught, how many people attended, how many learning modules were created and uploaded. Productivity reports are okay, but the value-added report is one that speaks to what is different in the organization as a result of the work the educator did and how that work contributed to organizational goals. During this webinar, Gen Guanci, Creative Health Care Management Consultant, describes ways to articulate how Nursing Professional Development (NPD) contributes to the attainment of organizational goals and increases the understanding that NPD is essential to ensuring that these goals are met.

Mindful Leadership: Empowering Your Teams

Mindfulness has become the new buzzword of the health care industry and for good reason. Research is now showing physiological and psychological evidence that individuals who engage in mindfulness on a regular basis can not only improve their overall sense of well-being, but can improve their performance in everything from personal relationships to clinical decision making at work. But what is mindfulness exactly? And how is it possible to translate mindful practices that traditionally have belonged to yogi masters and monks to laypeople in the health care industry? Traci Hanlon shares new research on mindfulness in the workplace and how mindful practices, when embraced by transformational leaders, can move teams and organizations to a whole new level of capacity and possibility.

Navigating the Pathway to Excellence®—Are You Heading in the Right Direction?

Susan Cline, Creative Health Care Management consultant, presented this free webinar to discuss her experiences at the 2014 ANCC Pathway to Excellence®Conference. Susan discussed the Pathways to Excellence practice standards and the designation process. Pack your bags, gather your traveling companions, and join us for a road trip to nursing excellence!

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Nursing Yesterday and Today: How the Domination Paradigm has Driven us to Tasks and the Partnership Paradigm Invites us to Excellence

The long history of nursing, even if presented in a purely factual way, is fascinating. To hear it told from the rich perspectives of Marie Manthey and Teddie Potter is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. In this eye-opening webinar, Marie Manthey sheds light on the ways in which cultural events have driven whether nurses were task-focused or person-focused, and Teddie Potter discusses how the “domination paradigm,” a hierarchical way of thinking, being, and doing, has shaped how health care organizations run and how care is provided. Both of these highly celebrated nurse leaders discuss how the “partnership paradigm,” offers us a viable, sustainable framework for revolutionizing how we provide care.

Out with the Old, In with the New: Magnet® Manual Revision

The long awaited 2014 Magnet® Manual was released this summer (2013) and you may be wondering, “What will be changed?” Gen Guanci and Susan Cline, Creative Health Care Management Consultants, host this webinar to discuss  the changes associated with Magnet® language, document requirements, and Organizational Overview as well as the Sources of Evidence (SoE).  They share several examples of best practices associated with select SoEs.

Partnering with Physicians to Achieve Compassionate Care

This webinar explores the existing fragmentation of care present in most health care systems as delivered by multiple members of the health care team. Physicians, nurses, care attendants, and many others contributing to the patient care experience are all generally doing their best to serve patient needs. The problem, however, is insufficient coordination of the care each provides, often resulting in confusion of the patient and their family. Dr. Dan Kopp, Creative Health Care Management Physician Consultant, provides insight into how and why this fragmentation occurs, and offer tools to assist in a more seamless delivery of care.

Pulled in Every Direction: Best Practices for Nurse Leaders in Managing Time and Priorities

The most difficult role in health care is that of first line leader. These crucial leaders have the biggest impact and often the least support. They often feel so overwhelmed with expectations that they run from task to task. The joy of developing others, providing encouragement and stimulating creativity is often lost. In this webinar recording, Susan Wessel and Donna Wright, outline best practices in managing time and priorities. Hear about the biggest time wasters and how to successfully overcome them.

Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring: Well Being, Engagement, and the Patient Experience

“To love what you do… To know that it matters….How can there be greater joy?” Susan Edstrom, Creative Health Care Management Consultant, hosts this webinar.  During the webinar you will gain personal insight and practical tips on what it takes to reawaken joy, meaning, and purpose in your work. Discover how caring for three key relationships;  relationship with self,   relationship with colleagues, and  relationship with patients and  their families creates  the foundation for positive patient experiences.

Relationship-Based Memory Care: A Behavioral Approach to Caring for People with Dementia

Dr. Margo Karsten, CEO and Consultant at Creative Health Care Management, outlines a practical approach to providing person-centered care for dementia patients/residents. Listen to receive an overview of leading-edge research and gain an understanding of how to effectively use tools, techniques, and behaviors that will significantly improve the quality of life for people suffering from dementia. Using the principles of See Me As A Person and Contented Dementia, learn how to strengthen your approach to caring for this vulnerable patient population. Dementia facts:

    • Over 5.4 million people are currently diagnosed with a type of dementia in the United States.
    • Every 68 seconds a new diagnosis occurs.
    • Dementia is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States that can’t be prevented.
    • There are over 15 million caregivers supporting loved ones with dementia.
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Relationship-Based Precepting:  What it is and Why it Matters

Traci Hanlon, Consultant at Creative Health Care Management, describes a precepting model that guides the day-to-day practice of precepting and articulates the critical elements necessary for precepting to be a successful component of any comprehensive orientation program. Although most organizations use preceptors in their onboarding process, many organizations fail to do so in a formal and evidence based manner resulting in a lack of preceptor engagement, decreased orientee satisfaction and retention and poor new graduate readiness to practice outcomes.

The Secrets of a Successful Competency Process

Donna Wright, Creative Health Care Management Consultant, noted speaker, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment, hosts this HealthcareSource webinar.

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