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Role Clarity and Work Alignment

When staffing decisions become knowledge-based and person-centered, staff satisfaction and the patient experience improve.

Role Clarity and Work Alignment (RCWA) is a multi-phase process that clarifies the role and practice of the caregiving teams in individual departments. As work and roles are explored by a small group of interprofessional colleagues from the work area, group members develop a more extensive awareness of the complexity, scope, and value of their work and develop new ways of approaching old staffing and work-flow dilemmas.

Through the RCWA process, team members develop a deep appreciation for the complexity of clinical care, as well as what is unique about their individual work area. Staffing and work flow decisions become knowledge-based and person-centered rather than task-based.

Call to discuss how Role Clarity Work Alignment can help ensure that all professionals are working to the top of their licensure and all service providers are practicing to the top of their position description.

Role Clarity and Work Alignment

Role Clarity as the Foundation of Professional Nursing Practice.

The scope of nursing practice can be overwhelming unless we take the time to reflect on what it means in our own professional practice environments and in our individual practices. Role clarity helps us to clearly define what it is ours to own.

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