The Relationship-Based Care (RBC) Leader Practicum is an immersion experience in leading a cultural change using RBC. It prepares participants to manage the details of this complex implementation and to develop their own strengths as transformational leaders.

This practical 5-day course will provide RBC Leaders with the clarity and competence essential for assembling a collaborative team of change leaders. It is intended for a team of interdisciplinary leaders at all levels and staff who may be involved in implementation. An ideal participant team would include an executive leader, an operational leader, a manager, and a staff leader. This team will be prepared to lead the design, implementation, and sustaining activities involved in a successful implementation of RBC.

Both new and experienced RBC leaders will find this program provides the direction needed to make RBC succeed. The curriculum provides opportunity for self-discovery and reflection, networking with leaders from other organizations, strengthened relationships within your own team, and inspiration about the journey ahead.

Participant Objectives

  • Each participant will reflect on his or her own leadership strengths, self-care needs, and strategies to promote thriving in the workplace
    • Describe the dimensions and principles of Relationship-Based Care.
    • Discuss and apply I2E2 as a model for personal and organizational transformation to Relationship-Based Care.
    • Describe Appreciative Inquiry as a strategy for inspiring actionable change.
    • Outline roles and responsibilities for individuals at all levels of the organization to design and implement Relationship-Based Care.
    • Articulate how to integrate Relationship-Based Care into existing organizational priorities and strategies for excellence.
    • Discuss the significance of three crucial relationships: self-awareness, care of patient/family, and healthy teamwork to the success of Relationship-Based Care.
    • Create an action plan for leading Relationship-Based Care day-to-day.

What you will learn



Who Should Attend

We recommend a minimum of two people attend this seminar with the RBC implementation leader. The participant team would ideally include an executive nurse leader, an operational leader, a staff nurse leader or any other influential leader from any position within the organization who will be a champion for RBC. This participant team will provide leadership for designing, implementing, sustaining, and evolving the RBC program within their organization. While the assigned implementation leader guides the way, the executive team and other key leaders are crucial to a successful implementation.

This program will give new and experienced RBC implementation leaders the direction they need to make RBC successful at their organizations.