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Physician Wellbeing Intensive

CHCM’s Physician Wellbeing Intensive provides physician groups with evidence-based approaches to optimizing their states of mind and wellbeing.

Neuroscience and wellbeing research show that people have the ability to build skills which can help them thrive within complex health care environments. Physicians attending this Intensive become more resilient, less distracted and stressed out, and more focused, productive, and compassionate. We guide physicians to identify their individual state of wellbeing, and we help them develop individualized ways to improve it.

Offer the Physician Wellbeing Intensive to your physicians to help improve their resiliency, sense of connection to others, and performance.

Physician Wellbeing Intensive

Why “Holding” Is an Essential Practice for Physicians

We all know that healing connection helps create a healing culture for patients and families. What’s less obvious is that same culture heals physicians and other clinicians as well.

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Knowledge is power. CHCM webinars cover topics as diverse as shared governance, mindful leadership, and patient experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to bring into your daily practice along with inspiration. Our live events engage, ground, renew, and educate people in every health care setting.

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What if the best approach to engaging patients is also the best approach to engaging physicians?