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Physician Leadership Development

Physician leaders positively influence strategic planning, policies, and patient outcomes.

Inspiring a shared vision, motivating colleagues, building strong teams, and collaborating across the continuum of care are skills that enable physicians to positively influence strategic planning, policies, and patient outcomes.

This program is manageably sequenced and conveniently scheduled to accommodate busy physicians. Participants gain practical insights and skills directly applicable to their practice. The program provides a solid understanding of physician leadership and its importance in the emerging health care delivery environment. Most importantly, participants will develop the tools necessary to become effective, attuned leaders who make a meaningful difference.

Connect with us to learn more about the impact of physician leadership development on physicians, teams, and the organizations in which they serve.

Physician Leadership Development

Empowering physicians to lead…

This article sheds light on the unique challenge faced by both physicians moving into leadership and the organizations that are banking on their abilities to lead.

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