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Creative Nursing – TOC 27 #3

In It Together: Engaging the Public in Public Health

It’s fitting that Issue #3, whose working title for more than a year has been “The Public Health Issue,” has a worldwide range of authorship, in age, geography, and walks of health-care life. For all the tumult of 2021, this issue of Creative Nursing is an antidote – people doing brave, creative, insightful things to promote the common good. From children who need to learn how to eat healthy and sleep better, to adolescents and young adults who need correct information about sex, to adult citizens who need to feel safe and to be treated equitably and compassionately by society and by their caregivers, to health care professionals in all arenas who deserve respect, and to all of us as we try to remember to wash our hands, we are all in this together.

Creative Health Care Management Names Gen Guanci CEO

Creative Health Care Management (CHCM) has announced that Gen Guanci, MEd, RN, NPD-BC, CCRN-K, has been named its new Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors. Guanci, a well-known leader of shared governance cultural change in health care, Magnet® designation consultant, and best-selling author, joined CHCM in 2007. She will continue to serve as a consultant supporting organizations with their shared governance and journey to excellence needs. Outgoing CEO Mary Koloroutis said, “Gen is a passionate leader with a deep commitment to our clients and the mission of our company.  She will step into the CEO role with ease and move our company forward with positive energy and vision.”

The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Health Care – New Edition Coming in September!

Your favorite competency book is now better than ever with an updated overview of the Wright Competency Model and fresh examples!

This highly practical book will help you create a more meaningful, dynamic competency system that is neither cumbersome nor labor intensive. Packed with tools to select competencies, verify competencies, and define the whole process, The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Health Care is a must have for your resource toolbox.

Excellence Exchange Newsletter – May 2021

This Excellence Exchange newsletter provides strategies for shared governance success planning, discusses fundamental roles and consideration for supporting shared governance, and highlights the newest addition to our consultant team, Amber Orton.

Read the newsletter

Creative Nursing – TOC Vol 27 #2

Creative Nursing Vol. 27 #2 – In It Together: Breaking New Ground for Leadership

In Creative Nursing 2021 we are all In It Together. Each article in this issue has at heart a principle that has motivated its authors to do their work and, via Creative Nursing, to share it with the world.

Creative Nursing – TOC Vol. 27 #1

In It Together: Dismantling Systems of White Supremacy

In Creative Nursing 2020 we were Seeing Beyond: Beyond Borders, Beyond Gender, Beyond Traditional Measurement, and Beyond Current Care. As we sent each issue out into the universe, events were unfolding around us that challenged our profession, our actions as citizens, and the lives and health of millions of people around the world. We chose for our overarching theme for 2021, In It Together, and named our four issues as calls to action: Dismantling Systems of White Supremacy, Breaking New Ground for Leadership, Engaging the Public in Public Health, and Promoting Planetary Health.

Creative Nursing – TOC Vol. 26 #4

In Creative Nursing 2020 we have Seen Beyond: Beyond Borders, Beyond Gender, and Beyond Traditional Measurement. Our final issue for this tumultuous year that has called for all the resilience we can muster is Seeing Beyond Current Care: Forward-looking care for ourselves and our colleagues – putting on our own oxygen masks before assisting others – and forward-looking care for those we serve.

12 Steps for Self-Care

  1. Clarify your values. Know what matters in your life and in your relationships. Know your purpose and what brings you joy. Make Choices that support your values and purpose.
  2. Be truthful to yourself. Know what hurts you and what heals you. Make healing choices.
  3. Identify actions that will bring healing and self-nurturing activities into your daily life. Take one action every day.
  4. Identify what brings you moments of peace. Make choices that promote peace in your life.
  5. Listen to the voices in your mind. If your voices are conveying negative or self-defeating messages, take actions and make choices to retrain the voices (thought patterns) into affirming and healing messages.
  6. Practice meditation and self-reflection.
  7. Answer the following questions:
    a. What would you choose to do even if you were not being paid?
    b. What can you stop doing?
  8. Nurture the physical health of your body through nourishment, exercise, rest and routine health monitoring.
  9. Develop strong and meaningful relationships with friends, family and colleagues.
  10. Integrate leisure activities and fun and humor into your lifestyle.
  11. Nurture your emotional and spiritual health through openness, reflection, and the support of important others.
  12. Practice kindness, compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others.
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