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Relationship-Based Care® Wellbeing Summit

June 15, 2022

9 – 4 Central Time – Virtual

At the heart of who we are is a deep belief in the authentic wellbeing experience. In partnership with our clients, this virtual summit will provide a venue to showcase how Relationship-Based Care (RBC) has supported staff in organizations across the country during the cultural and public health crises of the past 2 years.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic speakers, well-versed in all aspects of RBC, will present on the role and impact RBC has had on the wellbeing of their organization including best practices, lessons learned from implementation, improved employee wellbeing outcomes and innovations in bringing inclusion, equity, belonging and diversity to front line staff, interdisciplinary team members and leaders. This will be a powerful, informative, and restorative summit.

Agenda in Central Time




Self-care as the Foundation for Health Care: Nurture to the Wellbeing of Ourselves and Each Other – Mourine Evans, Marie Manthey, and Mary Koloroutis

Holding on to each other is a key construct for our thriving in this current time. We know that caring for ourselves translates into an organization of caregivers as we experience the sorry as well as the joy of the lived experience. Three thought leaders will skillfully hold space for healing, processing, innovating, and making new connections in support of personal and organization wellbeing.




The Power of Human Connection to Build Trust, Create Hope, and Inspire Change

City of Hope Medical Center’s Nursing Professional Practice Model illuminates the imperative of human connection in the following words: “The connection and bond we create with patients and families represents the soul of City of Hope nursing and is the foundation of our caring nursing methodology and Relationship-Based Care work. Human connection has the power to build trust, create hope and inspire change. Connection allows us to be present and authentic, to create caring-healing-loving relationships, and to celebrate moments that create lasting memories for our patients, families, and ourselves.” Their story is a story of perseverance, mutual support, healing, and excellence which will inspire us all.


Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring: Reconnecting with your Why

UCLA initiated virtual offerings of Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring by fall of 2020 based on the need to provide ongoing support to their first line colleagues during the pandemic. They describe how this delivery method, used only in response to a dire need, evolved to deliver benefits and gifts they never anticipated. Join them as they discuss how the absence of a physical safe space led to the creation of a virtual environment where caregivers can hold space for one another, unpack their personal and shared trauma, and reconnect with their purpose to begin the process of healing.


Lunch Break


What Happened? Lifting up Innovations, Experiences, and the Impacts of Relationship-Based Care at UCDH During the Pandemic

UC Davis Health RBC leaders will discuss how RBC informed decision making early in the pandemic. They will reflect on how a foundation of RBC paved the way for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work through the provision of an Anti-Racism and Cultural Humility course for leaders. Sharing moments of innovation and best practices that reinforce compassionate connected care.




Closing Speakers Panel – All Presenters

As we close our summit, we invite all our speakers back for the last session. This is an opportunity to have an open discussion, ask questions and interact with our speakers before closing the day. Have your questions ready for the panel.


Rate: $89 per person