One good caregiver interaction won’t define a patient’s experience, but one bad one will.

Do you have an infrastructure in place that allows your mission, vision, and values to be embodied by every clinician in every patient encounter?


Healthcare organizations throughout the world are deeply frustrated after investing in initiatives that promised (and sometimes even delivered) immediate measurable results, only to see those initiatives fail to have any lasting effect.

Positive cultural change is sustainable only where relationships are healthy and staff members are involved in shaping the change. Creative Health Care Management’s Relationship-Based Care transforms healthcare cultures through strengthening the quality of three key relationships: the caregivers’ relationship with patients and families, caregivers’ relationships with each other, and the caregiver’s relationship with self.

Creative Health Care Management works with you to refine your vision for the future, assess your organization’s current strengths, and empower your team to harness the best of what’s already present in your organization to redesign systems, processes, and practices to make your vision fully operational.

We work with the executive team, middle management, and front-line staff councils to design processes and systems that resonate within each level of the organization resulting in an organization-wide focus on safety, quality, caring relationships, and improving the patient experience. Our consultants possess the talent to engage, inspire, and implement methodologies for improvement targeted to each level within the organizational structure.

Our top clients’ outcomes tell the story:

For HCAHPS measure, “Patients who report YES, they would definitely recommend the hospital”:

  • Prior to starting with CHCM, 73% of our top Relationship-Based Care clients are below their state averages; after having partnered with CHCM for 2 years, 82% are outperforming these state averages.
  • Prior to starting with CHCM, 55% of our top Relationship-Based Care clients have results lower than the national average; after having partnered with CHCM for 2 years, 73% are performing above the national average.

Source: from data collected from 10.1.11-9.30.12 and displayed at

When we spend time consulting in an organization, we lay the foundation for ongoing success. Our consultants are committed to partnering with leaders to create excellent outcomes, and financial stability, and lasting change.

Programs and Services that Support Cultural Transformation

We’re pretty sure you already know where to find a quick fix. Now you also know where to find sustainable solutions to your most pressing problems.