70% of healthcare CEOs list the Patient Experience as one of their top three priorities.*

Do you have a proven strategy for ensuring an exceptional patient experience across the continuum of care?


Creative Health Care Management’s ground-breaking See Me as a Person program is one of the fastest, least expensive, most sustainable interventions for improving the patient experience.

Patient satisfaction happens (or fails to happen) in the one-to-one encounters experienced by patients and their families. It may seem that when the clinician-patient relationship falls short, it’s due to higher acuity, “difficult patients,” or chaotic work environments. But the truth is that when clinician-patient relationships fall short, it is because of a failure to make an authentic human connection with patients and families. In our best moments, these connections seem to happen automatically. In our most harried moments, these connections will only be made if clinicians learn, understand, practice, and reflect on the four distinct practices that make those connections happen.

See Me as a Person is the only intervention in the industry that addresses the patient experience by teaching physicians and clinicians in all disciplines the four practices that ensure that patients and their families will feel safe, seen, and held in every encounter every time. Creative Health Care Management believes that the shortest, least expensive route a health care organization can take to improve patient satisfaction scores is through addressing the one thing that actually improves the patient experience: high-quality therapeutic relationships.

Clinicians are transformed through the See Me as a Person workshop. In one Midwestern hospital, staff members were so inspired after participating in a See Me as a Person book club that the organization (which had spent its development budget for the year) didn’t have to pay staff members to attend training. Staff members watched the curriculum transform their peers, and they went to training on their own time. This organization has since made the decision to increase its investment in this transformational program.

Testimonial from See Me as a Person participant:

“I recently attended a See Me as a Person workshop. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I feel differently toward, not only my job, but people in general. I hope this stays with me always, and I have been advocating for others in my department to come to the workshop and see if it has the same impact on them as it did on me. It was exactly what I needed and came at the exact right time; I don’t think that was a coincidence.”

Programs and Service Lines that Improve the Patient Experience

Is it time for your organization to invest in a proven strategy for ensuring an exceptional patient experience across the continuum of care?

*The State of the Patient Experience in American Hospitals in 2013: Positive Trends and Opportunities for the Future, a report on the Beryl Institute benchmark study.