Are your leaders stressed and unable to deliver outcomes? Or even worse, are they leaving?

Our empowering leadership curriculum has developed leaders across the globe to own their impact and deliver results for over 35 years.


In a time of constant change it takes a highly skilled team of executives and leaders to achieve your mission, vision, and strategic goals. In healthcare organizations everywhere, we hear that leaders are not achieving their desired results. High employee turnover (particularly among managers), poor productivity, poor employee satisfaction and engagement, and ineffective leadership throughout the organization all mean that leaders are spending too much time on management and not enough time on leadership.

Fortunately, leadership development is where Creative Health Care Management has its greatest depth of both experience and talent. Many of our consultants have extensive experience serving on executive teams and many have also led their own organizations and others in achieving Magnet®, and other national awards.

Our approach to leadership is comprehensive. We develop everyone in an organization, from the boardroom to the bedside and beyond, to function as empowered leaders. We teach executive and front-line leaders how to mobilize staff members using decentralized decision making which allows positional leaders to spend more time on leadership and less time on management. We also teach leaders best practice for establishing a non-punitive culture, for coaching and counselling their staff, for recognition and rewards, and for creating and working within a culture of high accountability, high commitment, and high trust.

One East coast hospital system credits system-wide use of our Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO) workshop with its 50% increase in hospital-wide “staff satisfaction with involvement in change” and employee perception of being “recognized for good performance” after 4 years of LEO as part of an RBC implementation.

Programs and Services that Support Leadership Development

If your leaders are stressed and unable to deliver outcomesor even worse, leavingcall us today. Our empowering leadership curriculum has developed leaders across the globe to own their impact, deliver results, and love their work for over 35 years.