What’s your current investment in employee engagement initiatives? (And what is your return on that investment?)

From pre-Relationship-Based Care Implementation to post, nurse turnover dropped from 16% to 3%, saving one client organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.


In today’s highly regulated, highly monitored healthcare environments, “employee compliance” is often the highest level of staff engagement most organizations aspire to. In these environments, employees may comply when they are monitored, but what happens when the monitoring stops? We’ve seen time and time again that surface level interventions do not deliver sustainable results.

Creative Health Care Management understands how vital healthy relationships are to sustainable excellence. Real commitment comes from a deep connection with the purpose and meaning of the sacred work of healthcare. And measurable results come from improved employee engagement: Press Ganey research shows a high positive correlation between employee engagement and partnership and patients’ likelihood to recommend.

Two things are fundamental to excellent team functioning:

Make a Commitment to True Partnership and Collaboration

In over 2,000 organizations in 20+ countries, enlightened healthcare organizations have seen huge return on the investments they’ve made in giving their staff members structured time together to build the kind of empathy and appreciation necessary for true partnerships to flourish throughout their organizations. One of our client organizations credits its culture of exemplary colleagueship and excellent patient care to its widespread use of our Re-Igniting the Spirit of Caring program, now having shared this program with over 3,000 of its employees.

Empower Staff Members to Own their Work

When staff members design their own systems, practices, and processes, they take ownership of their outcomes, and their outcomes improve. In one of our client organizations, the always difficult issue of reducing patient falls was accomplished spectacularly by a group of individuals on a unit who took creative measures to understand how falls were happening on their unit and redesigned their own systems to reduce falls, achieving a 68% reduction! To read the whole story, click here.

Programs and Services that Support the Creation of Healthy, Engaged Teams

Can you think of even one measure in your organization that wouldn’t improve if staff members were more engaged? Start investing in employee engagement initiatives designed to save you more money than they cost.