Client Testimonials

On Relationship-Based Care and Creative Health Care Management

“CHCM partners with organizations to implement a true care delivery model that complements a hospital customer service initiative. You have to start a patient experience campaign with inspiration and imbed a professional practice model and CHCM does that the best. ”

~ Georgia Persky, Vice President, Nursing and Patient Care Services, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

“CHCM’s primary asset is that they have chosen people who exemplify the work they do—they really live it.”

~ Debbie Owens, MSN RN NE-BC, St. Vincent’s Medical Center

“CHCM watches to make sure my organization is successful. They manage my relationship with them. They are on the journey with me.”

~ Judy Blauwet, Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations & Chief Nursing Officer, Avera McKennan Hospital

“Watson and Swanson are right on the money and RBC’s philosophy is highly compatible with Watson and Swanson. The differentiator is that RBC is a fully implementable change model. And it aligned with our mission, vision and values. We’ve achieved our outcomes 90% due to the fact that we have been on a purposeful and intentional RBC journey.”

~ Kathleen VanWagoner, former Chief Nursing Officer, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

“When someone asks me about CHCM I tell them about the outcomes that occur when you infuse a professional practice model and engages staff by providing a structure that hears the staff voice and provides ownership. Relationship-Based care is a professional practice model within a structure of shared governance and a primary care delivery model.  The focus is not on required courtesy but rather relationships and the inspiration that is derived from engaging directly in the human experience.  Nothing else can move an organization to the next level and sustain it like the professional practice model CHCM’s offers.”

~ Georgia Persky, Vice President, Nursing and Patient Care Services, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

On CHCM’s Expertise in Magnet® Preparation

“In working with [CHCM’s] Gen Guanci, I got a master’s class in Magnet® preparation.”

~ Susan Santana, Director of Professional Practice, Lowell General Hospital

“The most valuable thing is Creative Health Care Management’s expansive knowledge and connections. They have the latest and greatest intel about what other hospitals are doing.”

~ Margaux Chan, Magnet® Program Manager, Children’s Hospital LA

“There is not a Gen Guanci around every corner—that knowledgeable nurturing/mentoring/teaching spirit. I tell other Magnet® program directors about Gen every chance I get.”

~ Susan Crandall, Magnet® Program Manager, Children’s Hospital LA


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