Leadership Development for Cultural Transformation

Relationships are the key to a healthy work culture. All of our developmental programs and services are designed around this simple principle. We provide the leadership training that empowers the executive team, clinical managers, and front-line staff councils to design processes and systems that resonate within each level of the organization resulting in an organization-wide focus on safety, quality, caring relationships, and an extraordinary experience for patients and their families.

Transformational Leadership

Inspire leaders at all levels of the organization to see their leadership potential with fresh eyes and to develop new skills in empowered leadership and shared decision-making. The transformational leadership cycle invites self-reflection, a deep sense of ownership, and a fresh start in rising above the day-to-day chaos of health care.

Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO)

Leading an Empowered Organization (LEO), a leadership program that improves both individual and group performance, has been attended by over 100,000 participants across the world. Participants in LEO come away with practical and proven strategies and tools that make an immediate difference. Participants learn what it takes to be a successful leader who demonstrates purpose, authenticity, and courage in creating an environment where others thrive as they strive to do their very best. For more information about the leadership program that has transformed leadership across the globe, click here.

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Accountability does not have to be a 4-letter word. Make accountability for performance a reality within your organization by helping your members hone skills that improve results and facilitate effective working relationships. This workshop is designed for managers, team leaders, directors, staff, administrators, and everyone else who is truly interested in achieving the organization’s vision and reaching their own professional goals.

Leading Lasting Change (I2E2)

The I2E2 change management formula is an in-depth, yet elegantly simple formula for inspiring and leading real change at all levels of an organization. Training in I2E2 can be provided as one-to-one coaching or a one-day workshop. To learn more about I2E2, click here.

Using Data to Maximize Organizational Effectiveness

Organizations spend copious resources on data collection, yet very few organizations get their money’s worth. This one-day offering features a comprehensive workshop that prepares people to collect and present data in ways that are easily understood and sure to inspire. To learn more, click here.

Shared Governance

What it Takes to Succeed in Shared Governance: The Leader’s Role

Historically when organizations implement shared governance, attention is focused on what staff need in order to succeed; little to no attention or support is offered for leaders. The transition to shared governance can be intimidating for leaders who have never practiced it before. This one-day workshop provides leaders with guiding principles and real-world practices that ensure their success as leaders within a shared governance structure.

What it Takes to Succeed in Shared Governance: The Council’s  Role

This highly interactive workshop is for participants who are members of organization-wide or unit-based councils (UBCs). The workshop, designed to maximize staff success as they operationalize shared governance, provides council members with skills in team leadership, communication, consensus decision making, and using data to drive decisions and practice. The culmination of the workshop is individual council meetings during which time participants are able to immediately begin applying the concepts they’ve learned. This can be a one-day workshop, or for a deeper more comprehensive dive, a two-day workshop.

Pathways to Shared Decision-Making for Leaders and Staff

Do you have an established model of shared governance in your organization that needs renewing? Are you in the beginning phases of creating a decision-making culture that promotes involvement of all staff and management? This workshop presents strategies to enhance this decision-making process and create an environment of success for both managers and staff.