Relationship-Based Care Leader Practicum

August 9-13, 2021 – Gettysburg, PA

Join us for the intensive practicum for Relationship-Based Care (RBC) Leaders August 9-13. We believe it will be a significant and rewarding step in the successful leadership of RBC within your organization.

The practicum is an immersion experience in leading cultural change using RBC. It prepares participants to manage the details of an RBC implementation and to develop their own strengths as leaders. The curriculum provides opportunity for self-discovery and reflection, networking with leaders from other organizations, strengthened relationships within your own team, and inspiration for the journey ahead.
Prepare yourself to lead and sustain a successful RBC implementation.

  • Leaders at all levels who are new to RBC
  • Leaders at all levels in an organization that has implemented RBC and want to learn additional
    sustainment strategies

$2,000 per person ($1,700 per person for teams of 5 or more)

*To ensure the safety of our participants we will follow health and safety protocols, social distancing
arrangements, and safe food and beverage precautions. We also have a Plan B in place. Even though it is ideal to have an in-person Practicum, we can convert this to a virtual event if needed.