Excellence in the Real World: Putting Pizazz Back in Your Team

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 2 PM EST

Join Lippincott® Solutions and Creative Health Care Management (CHCM) for “Putting Pizazz Back in Your Team,” the first of a FREE 3-part 2019 webinar series on Excellence in the Real World for leaders in nursing and clinical education.

Hosted by renowned team and leadership consultants Donna Wright and Susan Wessel, we’ll be featuring their candid interview discussion on proven strategies that you can use to re-inspire and engage your team.

Learn how to create positive energy as a leader, peer, or educator and see the impact in your work environment and results.  Specific topics to be covered as follows:

  • Early signs your team is dispirited
  • What we know from evidence about driving positive morale and engagement
  • Link to Magnet principles
  • Assess the underlying issues
  • Engage/involve staff in meaningful positive change (shared governance)
  • Leadership trust is key—let go.
  • Power of learning from and focusing on the positives.