Excellence in the Real World: Drowning in Mandatory Education

Tuesday, December 3 - 1PM CST

Join Lippincott® Solutions and CHCM for “Drowning in Mandatory Education,” the third and final installment of a FREE 3-part 2019 webinar series on Excellence in the Real World for leaders in nursing and clinical education.

  • In our efforts to fix problems and respond to organizational issues, we often jump quickly to some type of mandatory education.
  • We “Spray” education on everyone, and “Pray” that it improves things.
  • This “Spray and Pray” method does not – and in many situations can even cause some harm that we did not intend.

Hosted by sought-after competency and leadership consultants Donna Wright and Susan Wessel, this informative workshop will explain how we as leaders, executives, educators, managers, and quality specialists can all shape our outcomes in a positive way without creating more problems than we solve.

Learn how to truly build excellence through our leadership responses to problems and issues.