Building a Menu to Combat Stress

Wednesday, February 24 - 11 am CT

For most of us, self-care is something that happens more in theory than in practice. Let’s change that!

Join Mary Koloroutis for this interactive and engaging conversation with Clinical Education Specialist Kerry Appleton, MAN, RN, CCRN-K. This session will inspire you to think about what self-care means, help you identify what stress looks like on yourself, and learn to evaluate strategies to help build tools to combat reactions to stress.

Session learning outcomes:

  • Participants will identify their common reactions to stress
  • Participants will explore self-care practices, learning why they can be impactful
  • Participants will create a personalized self-care plan

About the presenter:
Kerry has worked within pediatric intensive care units providing education, practice support, and bedside care for the past 20 years. In addition to her passion for pediatric nursing, Kerry has obtained training in critical incident stress management and has spent the last four years working to provide real-time support services to staff that are experiencing critical incident stress within the hospital setting. Outside of the hospital, Kerry is a member of the Metro CISM team. This group works to provide free critical incident stress debriefing sessions to first responder teams, within the Minneapolis area.

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