Our empowering transformational leadership solutions have developed leaders across the globe for over 35 years to own their impact and deliver results.


The ability to lead is not one of those things where you’re either born with it or you’re not. Leadership is a knowledge-based discipline.

Our approach to leadership is comprehensive. We develop everyone in an organization, from the boardroom to the bedside and beyond, to function as empowered leaders. We show executive and front-line leaders how to mobilize staff members using decentralized decision making which allows positional leaders to spend more time on leadership and less time on management. We also teach leaders best practice for establishing a non-punitive culture, for coaching and counselling their staff, for recognition and rewards, and for creating and working within a culture of high accountability, high commitment, and high trust.

In our long tenure in both cultural transformation and leadership development, we have discovered that developing leadership skills in people at every level and in every discipline has a positive impact on the efficiency of a cultural transformation as well as on its sustainability. Many of our clients attribute their improvements in employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention to our leadership development curriculum.


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