Michael Trout

MA, Psychologist (Consultant Partner)

Michael is president of The Infant-Parent Institute, a clinical practice, consultation, and training facility dedicated to understanding the relationship between early social experiences and how our lives form. He has decades of clinical psychology experience in the specialty of infant mental health, in which his role has been to help parents connect with their babies. It was there that he learned the practices later described in See Me as a Person: Creating Therapeutic Relationships with Patients and their Families, a book he co-authored with Mary Koloroutis, and Advancing Relationship-Base Cultures, a book for which he co-authored two foundational chapters.

Michael speaks internationally and writes on the topics of attachment in infant development, the long-ranging effects of adverse childhood events, and the importance of attuned presence for clinicians in all disciplines.

Learn more about Michael’s work and expertise at www.infant-parent.com.