Corey Martin

MD (Consultant Partner)

Corey Martin is a Yale-educated family physician, recovering perfectionist, and an aspiring “good enoughist.” He thrives on improving the mental and physical health of our communities. Corey is a founder of the Bounce Back Project and lead physician in Allina Health’s system-wide response to clinician burnout. He was inspired to get involved in addressing clinician burnout when he tragically lost two colleagues.

Corey aspires to create workplace cultures in which all people can connect with one another more meaningfully. He is one of the creators and facilitators of CHCM’s Physician Wellbeing Intensive, a program designed to help physicians learn the foundations of self-care and then mentor each other to sustain their gains.

Contact Corey to learn more about how the Physician Wellbeing Intensive and other customized initiatives can help promote physician resiliency and prevent clinician burnout in your organization.