Brett Long

MHA (Consultant Partner)

Brett is a gifted leader with expertise in developing engaged, emotionally intelligent leaders who improve their own, their team’s, and their organizations’ performance. He believes thriving people are foundational to thriving organizations. He partners with clients to develop strategies to align structures, processes, and people to balance what he calls “the head and heart” of health care. He is a facilitator of several services including the Physician Wellbeing Workshop, a program designed to help physicians discover and develop what it takes to flourish and how this drives their overall performance.

He is one of those unique individuals who has sharp business savvy along with a humble, authentic interest in teaming with others. He understands how to develop and implement positive organizational competencies including interprofessional coordination and collaboration across complex systems. As a former Vice President of Strategy and Human Resources in one of the largest health care systems in the Midwest (23,000 employees, 1,500 employed physicians, 1 million patients per year), Brett came to understand that employee engagement and wellbeing are direct contributors to patient experience.

Work with Brett to help your people and systems flourish.