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Award winnerAdvancing Relationship-Based Cultures explains and expands a fundamental and often overlooked truth in health care: It is the confluence of relational and clinical competence that advances relationship-based healing cultures. A relationship-based culture is one in which a critical mass of people provides care and service with relational competence. In these cultures, the skills that foster relational competence are actively developed, nurtured, practiced, reinforced, and evaluated. While countless thought leaders have championed the importance of improving relationships, this book provides a practical how-to for the creation and nurturance of healthy relationships in health care.

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“Who is the most relationally proficient person you know? You may not have heard the term relationally proficient before, but we're confident you understand the question. Who do you know who makes a practice of really tuning in to people? Who do you know who is genuinely curious about people? Who is adept at focusing on what a person says and asking questions that help that person get to the core of an issue” ...


  • This book and its insights have been catalytic to how best to advance our whole person care strategy—a strategy that relies on deep purpose, profound meaning, AND loving relationships. Our ability to leave a legacy of well-being and relief of suffering for individuals and our communities relies on this approach, including its practical, skill-based approach to fostering relationships.

    Penny Wheeler, M.D.
    Allina Health, President and CEO

  • I loved this book, because it describes what it takes to create a fabulous healthcare system. I really appreciated the chapters on love, conversation, relationship, and the power of teams. These authors understand that the HEART of healthcare is vital to true healing.

    Bill Manahan, MD
    Assistant Professor Emeritus
    University of MN Medical School

  • Plants wither or thrive depending on the health of the soil. With humans, our survival and well-being are based on the health of the cultures in which we live and work. Advancing Relationship-Based Cultures makes important connections between individuals, organizations, and outcomes. It reminds us that compassionate relationships are not part of health care, they are health care.

    Teddie Potter PhD, RN, FAAN


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